4 Tips o Avoid Over Packing For A Motorcycle Journey

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When it comes to packing the stuff whether it is for a road trip on a motorbike or for a long-distance vocation some people like the bare minimum while others overpack with non-essentials that trouble them for the whole time while they travel.

The key to a joyful motorcycle journey lies not only in the aspect of how much you pack for your trips rather it depends on how effectively you pack your bags. Carrying luggage with you while you go for a vacation or a trip is important but so is the element that you do not overdo it especially when you are in a motorcycle journey.

Overpacking will not only make you struggle with managing the plethora of your stuff but will also increase the weight on your ride that will ultimately put more pressure on your bike’s engine and will reduce your ride’s performance.

Want to know how you can carry a lot of your stuff while not overdoing it? Here is how you can avoid overpacking while going on long through motorcycle journey and short road trips on your two-wheeler beauty.

1. Pack efficiently

The very fact that you are reading this article right now points in the direction that you are in a Motorcycle Journey and have one or multiple motorcycle luggage bags equipped to your ride. If this is not the case and you do not have a luggage bag equipped to your bike then before proceeding further we would suggest that you get one.

Check out Viking Bags motorcycle bags and Viking bags motorcycle backpack bags collection to find a suitable luggage bag according to your style and needs.

With this out of the way, let’s move towards how you can pack efficiently. It is not necessary that you do not pack your important stuff. It is important how you carry it. Choose a luggage bag and wisely use the space by organizing everything in a way that they take less space. For example in the case of clothes fold them twice or roll them to make their size smaller.

2. Choose the right bag

As we have established earlier that when you overpack you not only get uncomfortable but you also add more weight to your already heavy motorcycle that ultimately results in bringing down your vehicle’s performance. Therefore it is best that you choose the size and type of the bag carefully depending on your trip requirements.

Always have in mind that the bigger bag you choose the more things you will be tempted to carry. While on the flip side, the smaller the size of the bag the more space-conscious you will become and will make feasible decisions.

3. Indoor vs Outdoors

When push comes to shove you will find that you will only need the essentials and the rest of the items that you packed are not that useful that you may have thought. What you pack highly depends on the type of riding adventure you are about to set.

It is important that you only pack items that you need according to the climate and trip nature. For instance, if you are going on a short road trip you will not need a raincoat or an extensive wardrobe item. By packing essentials like a phone charger, a pair of clothes and any other essential item will do just fine.

4. Use your outfits to divide the load

By wearing your riding attire smartly you can also not only carry more items but can also do so by not increasing the weight on your ride’s wheels. By wearing outfits items like Jackets with many pockets and inner linings you can carry small-sized items easily with compromising the space of your motorcycle luggage bags. Similarly wearing pants with zip-lock pockets can also help you carry more items.

There you have it the easiest top 4 ways by which you can avoid overpacking your items while going on adventurous road trips on your motorbike. Not being able to carry proper items and your belongings can make a dent in your joy of riding, therefore, carrying maximum items while choosing carefully can save you a lot of trouble of managing your belongings and can help you to enjoy your adventurous ride.


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