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The pea grew in an instant and turned into a thick green vine, which pushed Jiadeliya out of the door, so that she could get rid of the shackles of darkness and regain some freedom of action. When the deep sword of the "Dark Saint" and the dark arm of the "Secret Saint" fell on her, they only shattered the shadow and failed to hurt the "occultist". At this time, Jiadeliya is "the emperor's new clothes", which does not exist at all, and naturally will not be traumatized! The next second, the woman's body, wearing a purple striped black robe and a dark hood, suddenly became transparent and turned into a pile of foam. The bubbles flew apart and broke one after another, leaving nothing behind, while the green vines grew into the air and lit up the surrounding streets with flames. Everything was quiet again, and it seemed that the short and fierce battle at the demigod level had not happened at all. Butis, the Secret Saint, and Xima, the Dark Saint, looked at each other and were not surprised by the change. Obviously, after the raid failed, the two enemy demigods began to be at a disadvantage and could no longer achieve their goals, and this was Baekeland, the longer the delay,Thyroid Powder Factory, the more dangerous it was, so they seized the opportunity and fled the scene. In addition, in order to interfere with the tracking, they deliberately created a great deal of noise to attract the official forces of Baekeland. As for the "Lymanno's Travel Notes" and the "Apprentice" route extraordinaire of sequence 7 or 6, they are all bait that can be discarded. After nodding his head slightly, Butis, the "Secret Saint", took out a crystal ball from the dark pocket of his black robe and let it shine,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, break quickly and merge into the void. He's preventing tracking in the occult realm. He really did not dare to stay any longer, intending to "teleport" away directly, return to the Aurora headquarters, and then "torture" the bait to find out the truth and decide what to do afterwards. A second later, the figure of Buttis quickly became transparent and disappeared, while the "Dark Saint" Xima entered the shadow and hurried away, constantly eliminating traces along the way. PS: Ask for monthly ticket and recommended ticket on Monday ~ Chapter 48 "Madness" (asking for a monthly ticket on the last day of 2019) After entering the spirit world, Butis, the "Secret Saint", immediately began to travel and went straight to the ruins of God's War in the easternmost part of the Sunia Sea. At that moment, his thoughts suddenly blurred, his body turned directly, and he left the spirit world from another place. By the time Buttis got his spiritual warning, his spirit was tense, L Methylfolate Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, and he found his own thoughts, what he saw was a bare forest with almost fallen leaves, no one around him, and a red moon hanging high in the sky. As a former "traveler" and "astrologer", Bootis immediately recognized his location and found that he was still in Baekeland, but had moved from the city to a remote place in the suburbs. At the same time, he realized what had happened: I don't know when his spiritual world sneaked into other people's consciousness, influenced his thoughts at the critical moment, and modified his intended destination! The demigod of the "audience" path! I didn't find it! Buttis's pupils suddenly dilated, reflecting a silver-white book of illusions. The book thumbed through until it reached one of the pages. Buttis immediately raised his hand, grabbed it between his eyebrows, grabbed a mass of darkness directly from the island of disembodied consciousness, and threw it into his own shadow. Then his shadow separated from him, twisted and stood up, taking on the outline of a woman. Black Knight, Shadow of the Fallen! This is the ability of Butis to "record" from the "Dark Saint" Xima, who can separate his inner depraved mind and combine it with the shadow to form an uncontrolled independent creature. Buttis used it to clear his mind of what did not belong to him and get rid of the influence of the "manipulator"! At the same time, this is also Buttis's counterattack, as long as the hidden "audience" and demigod can not quickly solve this "shadow", her differentiated ideas will gradually become independent, leading to my half-crazy, or even out of control. As soon as the hidden danger of the mind was solved, Butis did not hesitate to leave the enemy's preset battlefield and "teleport" to other places. But at this time, his spirit suddenly became manic, only felt that the whole environment was embarrassing himself, and his anger could no longer be contained. With the turning of the silver-white book in Buttis's eyes, the whole forest collapsed with a crash, and the black "shadow" almost spread out. After the mania, Buttis's mood became extremely low, and he could not get up his spirits for anything. He felt that he was useless and a burden to others and the world. Spiritual Plague! In the previous battle, Butis was infected with the "spiritual plague", and now it has finally broken out! The reason why Jiadeliya used the "little match girl" at the very beginning was not only because she wanted to interfere with Buttis's "transmission" to leave, but also because she was helping Miss Justice to cover up the traces, so that her "virtual personality" could sneak into each other's spiritual world without triggering Buttis's spiritual intuition. Because of this, when the raid failed, Gadelia and Audrey dared to start the plan and retreat by themselves, so that the "Secret Saint" Butis and the "Dark Saint" took the initiative to separate and return to their respective places after there was no danger. Gadelia finally burned the green vines and made a great deal of noise. On the surface, it attracted the attention of the official forces and made the enemies give up tracking. In fact, it forced Butis, the "secret saint", to leave as soon as possible. There was no time to carefully examine and examine his deep-seated situation. So, at the critical moment of his "transmission", Audrey's virtual personality tampered with the idea and went directly to the outskirts of Baekeland, to the no-man's land that Tarot would choose. When he solved the virtual personality of the "manipulator", the "spiritual plague" broke out. In fact, if Buttis had used the Reboot of Destiny earlier, he would have been able to return to a state without hidden dangers,Quillaja Saponin, but it was not until he was almost killed by the Gun of Longinus that he decided to open the card, and at that time, it was more than three seconds before the spiritual world was invaded!. pioneer-biotech.com

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