Future Prospects Of B. Tech Mechanical Engineering

Prospects Of B. Tech Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering can be considered as one of the most diverse and versatile of all engineering disciplines and has a wide range of applications in real life from the manufacturing of mobile phones to fighter planes. It is the science of comprehending the production and operation of all types of machines from a screw to a high crane. As a result, it is often regarded as the ‘Jack’ of all engineering sciences. A degree in mechanical engineering such as a B.Tech can help you find well-paying and interesting career prospects in the fields of aerospace, electrical engineering, bioengineering, genetics and even chemical science. Read on to discover what are the prospects of B.Tech mechanical engineering.

Career opportunities after a degree in mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers are required to have a working knowledge of various engineering specialisations as well as their social and economic impacts. You develop a broad range of skills that can help you switch to other domains later in your career.

Here are some interesting career roles from different domains that you can pursue after your mechanical engineering degree.

  • Telecommunications engineers: There are many career roles in telecommunication services for mechanical engineering graduates like high-voltage engineers, field engineers or telecommunications engineers. As a telecommunications engineer, you can be responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing computer networks, fibre-optic cables, videoconferencing equipment and electrical systems for telecommunication networks.
  • Biomedical engineers: Biotechnology and bio-medical sciences are a great platform for mechanical engineers to establish their careers. As a biomedical engineer or biotechnologist, you can use your education to build devices and machines that can improve clinical procedures, rehabilitation strategies, surgical procedures, quality of micro-implants and prostheses. According to Salary.com, biomedical engineers can earn up to $ 62,000 per year globally.
  • Robotics engineers: As a robotics engineer, you can have an exciting career designing robotic solutions for medical, healthcare, military or manufacturing industries. You will be responsible for designing, managing, executing and troubleshooting automated or robotic equipment. According to Recruiter.com, the average global salary for a robotics engineer is around $ 51,600 per annum.
  • Agricultural engineers: As mechanical engineers, you can also foray into the agricultural domain to establish your career. Agricultural engineers are responsible for designing efficient green houses, programme controllers to manage irrigations systems, and engineering products for ensuring the health and sustainability of forests. According to Payscale.com, agricultural engineers can earn an average salary of $ 52,000 worldwide every year.

Apart from these roles, you can also consider becoming an automation engineer, a mechanical design engineer, troubleshooting engineer or a control system engineer.

Amid the development of technologies like IoT and robotics and government initiatives like Skill India and Make in India programmes, mechanical engineering is steadily growing its market in India. You can take advantage of this boom in the industry by pursuing a course in this subject from a reputed university.


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