Best Android apps all-time selection

best android apps all time

In short, Android has a massive eco-system that is a combination of software and apps. Because of this vast number of android applications, it is impossible to download every single one manually. Again, many software costs a significant amount of money which everyone can’t afford. But fortunately, the best android apps all time will cost you just a few dollars.

Furthermore, Android developers are constantly best android apps all time trying to redirect everyone to download their apps. And so, free versions of the paid apps are also available on the Play store. Thus free software can be an excellent alternative to the paid ones. Hence, without any further delay, let us see some of the best android software. 

Best free android app types 2020 on Playstore.

Almost all best android apps all time apps are free for android users to download and install. Now you may ask, how do these applications make money? Well, the answer is advertisement, sponsorship, or just to improve the download number. The annoying ads that you get when running your free VPN software is an example of it. 

Free applications are often quite good for regular users who don’t mind a few ads showing up. However, not all software shows ads in its user interface but are free to use. 

The best android apps types for free download are,


The best android apps all time operating system uses a browser to navigate websites or to explore the internet. Fortunately, almost all the browser software for android is made fully free. At present, there are thousands of android browser software in the play store. Moreover, most downloaded android web browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox browser, brave browser, Safari, etc. 

Of course, Google Chrome is the best among all the android browsers out there. The reason is that Google has made the Android operating system, and the google chrome fits perfectly for it. You can also install the Mozilla Firefox or brave browser as an alternative. But almost all android comes with a google chrome browser pre installed. 

Entertainment software

Merely putting everything together, entertainment software is a combination of all software that can entertain an individual. All the games, steaming apps, art apps, etc. are included in this category. Netflix, MyIPTV Player, Dolby, etc. are some examples of streaming entertainment software. Again games like PUBG, Free-fire, call of duty are also entertainment software, but they fall in the games subdivision. 

Medical Software

Medical Software contains items or systems related to the medical sector. For example, medical software are MSD Manual Professional, Medical Records, DIMS, Patient AID, etc. Additionally,  these free applications will provide you with the best medical contexts related to diagnostic or therapeutic use. 

Unfortunately, in the android operating system, these pieces of software are not well developed or organized. On the other hand, you will most certainly get a lot of information about your health from these apps. 


Games are fun to enjoy your free time with friends, family, or just being alone. Since all android games are made open for users they can have loads of fun for free. After all, Game developers earn money through advertisements, sponsorship, etc. At present, the most famous free android games are PUBG, Asphalt 9 Legends, Call of duty, and so on.  

In many cases, the games you want to play are available on the Google Play store. Some games might be unavailable for your country. For that reason, you can use VPN software to access the games directly from the play store. 


Are you trying to learn something new such as language, grammar, coding, etc.? Fortunately, tons of free software can help you expand your knowledge. Thus, education applications can help widen your experience and that too totally for free. 

Again, some apps like Great Leaning, Wikipedia mobile, ABC Kids, Naat Collection are examples of a few educational apps. Furthermore, you will get precisely the subject you want and that too completely free of charge. So, in these quarantine days, search for some free courses with android educational apps. 

Arts and Design

There are a lot of arts and design software that can improve your skills best android apps all time in drawing and designs. Hence, these apps will enhance your creativity and also give you fantastic photo edits. 

Some of the best free art apps are,

  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • Ibis Paint X
  • Sketch Master
  • MediBang Paint
  • Filmora
  • PaperDraw

Maps and Navigation

Maps and Navigation software helps by locating where you are in the world. So, for the majority of android users, Google maps have been the best choice. But if you don’t like to use google maps, there are certainly some options for you. They are,

  • BackCountry Navigator
  • Here WeGO
  • Maps.Me
  • MapFactor
  • Scout GPS navigator
  • Sygic GPS

In conclusion, Navigation apps are quite important in the Android ecosystem. However, many software will not work properly if the GPS is closed. 


Music is one of the most demanding apps among Android users. So everyone wants a whole collection of music stored on their devices and that too for free. Well, here are top free music software of all time for android.

  • SongMemo
  • Hip-Hop 
  • Music Maker JAM
  • MixPads
  • Tunable
  • Beat Snap
  • uFXloops Music Studio

In conclusion, these apps will relieve your thirst for music anytime and anywhere. 

Top 10 apps for android free download

Android has some pretty cool software ready for you to download. These applications software will take no money from you at all. Here are the 15 best android apps all time.

Google Drive Suite

Google drive suite consists of several applications that are Google themselves developed. For all Android devices, you will need to download these apps separately on your device. Google Drive suite has all the office software like Docs, Slides, Sheets, Photos, and keeps along with the drive itself. These applications will ease up your workload by letting you work from anywhere in the world. 

Google drive will primarily give you a total storage of 15 GB. For a regular user, this storage is enough. But if you have tons of files to save, then you can always buy a storage pack from google drive. 


Google officially launched the Gboad so that no one needs to download any external keyboard for regular use. The Gboad is quite fast compared to other keyboard software of the file size. Besides, the application has a unique gesture typing feature that will surely blow your mind. Again, you will get light theming, voice typing, emoji search, and so on. 

This keyboard software has been the favorite of everyone since its release. Gboard is highly effective, fast, and efficient. However, some devices may work better without the latest version of this software. 

Google Maps and Wave

The kings of Navigation apps are the Google Map and Wave. To talk about their use, firstly, we have to know what they do completely. Google Maps can provide users with the most accurate GPS feature. And the Wave software will give you regular traffic info along your route. As many wonderful apps, Google Maps is also a development of Google. 

Credit Karma

Credit karma belongs to the financial app category. With this software, you can check your credit details, and that too for free. Furthermore, you can also get your credit scores, and the app will notify you immediately. But there is a downside to this financial software. Credit kerma will only give you an idea of what is going on around you, and it is not fully accurate. In the year 2020, Intuit bought Credit karma, and so changes in its interface are continually happening. 

Blue Mail

Up until the last update of Gmail, Blue mail software was the best android app for sending emails. Now, the software is still good but not that unique. Yet almost everyone wants to use blue mail as their daily mail application. The software is also highly customizable and easy to use. Blue mail has a simple user interface that everyone will love. 


Are your favorite websites banned by your local government, and you want to fix it? Well, don’t worry about it. SuperVPN is here to the rescue. Surf any website all day long with the free version of SuperVPN. This VPN software will create tunnels privately and give you access to any website you want. Unblock and unlock any geo-blocked website there is in this world with SuperVPN free. 

Nova Launcher 

Nova Launcher is a third party launcher used to customize and supercharge your home screen. The software has all the latest features, themes, and optimizations for your benefit. Pieces of nova launchers are among the best on the internet to date. 

This fantastic software gives your permission to make distinct folders for your apps for your easy access. With Nova, you don’t have to scroll all the way through to find your favorite apps. 

Wondery Premium podcast

Wonder Premium podcast lets its users enjoy all the unique TV shows there are. As the name suggests, the wonder app is a premium streaming software. Luckily, there is a free version of the Wonder premium, and you can stream thousands of TV shows with it. 

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion rewards deserve to be on this list due to its simplicity and effectiveness. First of all, google opinion software is highly convenient. You can earn a few cash every time you answer the survey in this software. Using this software will let you install paid apps from the play store without needing to spend even a dime. 

Bitwander Password manager

Managing social media passwords is a tiring task as many of us use a varying password in each of them. That is why Bitwander Password manager can help you overcome all your password issues. For the best security, Bitwander uses 256-bit AES encryption for your password security and management. Bitwander has tons of positive reviews on online reviews. So, stop worrying about anything and install the Bitwander software for your mobile.

FAQs of best android apps all time

What are the most useful Android best android apps all time?

The software that others use might be utterly useless to you. Again, there are many common apps that everyone uses. The most useful android apps according to that list is,

  • Google Play Store.
  • CamScanner.
  • Bitwander Password manager.
  • Google assistant.
  • IFTTT.
  • Google translate.
  • Adobe apps.

Which is the No 1 Android game?

Game choices generally vary from one person to another. But at present, the most played android games are PUBG and Free Fire. Both of them are community-based games, and so many of us like to play them with friends and family. 

What is the most used best android apps all time in the UK 2020?

Much online research shows that the most used android apps in the UK are Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and Youtube app. Again, this report is based on the downloads of these apps from the UK. 

Wrapping up the best android apps all time 

Google play store has about 2.9 million apps for the Android operating system. But unfortunately, not all android apps are made by the best hands. I hope you liked my article on the best android apps of all-time. Also, I have also discussed the types of Android software and gave plenty of examples. So, try out all the best android software for your mobile and stay connected with us for more articles. Thank you. 


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