Big Bean Bag: Is it worth it?

Big Bean Bag

If you’re of a certain age, you probably have some specific memories regarding the old, bean bag style chairs.  Maybe you had one in your basement or playroom.  Or maybe they looked really cool when you saw one at your friends’ house; didn’t they seem really inviting?  Didn’t you just want to dive right in?

In reality, however, they always seemed to be a bit of a letdown.  Unfortunately, more often than not, those old-style bean bag chairs turned out to be uncomfortably cold, plastic, lumpy and filled with millions of teeny, white, balls of Styrofoam.

There was always a cheap zipper that tried desperately to hold everything in and at least one weak seam that somehow always tore open.  This meant that there was at least one piece of silver duct tape somewhere on the bean bags’ worn, broken body.  Despite the carefully placed duct tape, it never failed – you always found at least 100 or so teeny white styro-beans strewn all around the floor.

Well, happily those days are very much over because today’s bean bag is a far cry from the 1960’s and 1970’s bean bag so many of us grew up with.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new and exciting answer to the age-old question of unique seating options and potentially expensive guest accommodations.  Many outdated and less than ideal options are now falling to the weigh side.

Nowadays, bean bags are being used not only as extra seating but as great alternatives to so many of the outdated, standard guest room options.  This new, unique and exciting answer has recently appeared on the scene and is proving to be a fantastic option.

Big bean bags and big bean bag beds are the latest crazes because they are amazingly comfortable and they go from chair to bed in seconds!  Your guests will love sleeping on them and you will love them too!  You will no doubt appreciate the comfort they provide, but you’ll also love the convenience they offer.

They are quite easily transported from room-to-room and even house-to-house and literally set up in seconds.  With so many options to choose from, there are bound to be multiple ways to suit the style and size you’re looking for.

With these new high-quality big bean bags becoming more and more versatile and popular, multiple companies are upping their game.  You can easily find one that will work in every room!  Now you’ve got fantastic options for your guests and a new, comfy spot for you. The huge chairs have become ideal for watching tv and reading or just snuggling up and taking a nap and when they turn into beds, they’re a fantastic alternative to thin and uncomfortable guest beds, the wretched ‘bar-in-your-back’ sofa beds or the ‘I might as well be sleeping on the floor’ futons and air mattresses.  They now have soft, cozy covers that are changeable, washable and offer a plethora of solid colors or beautiful and unique printed patterns.  In addition, companies are offering a large variety of soft and durable fabrics.

Big bean bags and bean bag beds are now even much more environmentally friendly with regards to the type of filling that make up the stuffing and core support function.  Some of the outer cover options are even hypoallergenic.  They have been completely redesigned so as to now be supportive and strong.  They offer a multitude of different sizes, colors, and styles, so they’re great for everyday use or just once in awhile guest beds.  They are quite portable, offer a zero assembly required to design and are very affordable.  The big bean bags are not only worth it, but they’ve also quickly become the coziest and most convenient option for all homes, large and small.


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