Best Bowie Knives to Use Outdoors

Best Bowie Knives

Bowie knives have a history of 200 years which is somewhat hard to confirm. The bowie knife is named after Jim Bowie, a frontiersman and knife fighter . But you are here to read about the best bowie knives to use outdoors, not a history on these awesome knives.

  1. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

 This blade was supposed to be used by the Marine corps. This bowie knife has an enormous blade which you can use as an endurance blade and for chasing and outdoors. It has a simple hold so you feel good using this mammoth. It has all out measurement of 11. (cialis) 875 inches which additionally makes it a universally useful blade. Its sharp edge length is 7 inches that is made of of 1095 Cro-van steel. It likewise has a sheath  comprised of calfskin. This blade is anything but difficult to keep up and handle.

  1. Cold Steel 39LSWB Maurauder Knife

This knife is crafted with AUS 8A treated steel. It has a nonstop bendy forefront, profound wide cutting edge angles and impressive clasp that will cut, shear, slash and pierce without any difficulty. It additionally utilizes as an endurance blade since it has a additional dangerously sharp AUS8A edge. Its sharp edge is 9 inches in length while the handle is 5 inches.

  1. Esee Junglas Bowie Blade

This blade is comprised of carbon steel, making it a good bowie knife in the outdoors. It’s made in the US and its grip is comprised of Dark Micarta. The measurement of its appealing carbon steel sharp edge is 10.375 inches long making it 16.50 inches altogether. Because of this,it is a medium length bowie blade. The main drawback is that its blade is made with carbon steel, so it need a standard upkeep, But generally its exceptionally good for outdoor use.

  1. Jaguar Tempered Steel Bowie Blade

This blade has a cool exemplary and conventional bowie knife look. The blade is manufactured by Panther, a blade producer in Germany. Jaguar blades are notable for their quality. This blade is comprised of treated steel so which gets it far from rusting. The end and sharp edges settle on it an amazing decision for cleaning. In this way, you can utilize it as a chasing blade. The handle additionally has a finger watch which is cut by experts. The all out length of this blade is roughly 11 inches. The length of the edge is 6.5 inches.

  1. Buck General Bowie Blade

This Buck General Bowie Blade is an incredible chasing blade with a treated steel cutting edge, which stops it from eroding. It isn’t as intense as carbon steel sharp edges. It has a dark  handle with an Aluminum Knob Watchman which makes it simple to deal with for quite a while. The Aluminum Handle/Gatekeeper give an ideal mix of excellence and parity. It has a sharp edge that is 6.25 inchces long, which makes the blade 12 inches altogether. It additionally incorporates a Real Excellent Defensive Cowhide Sheath with Snap Clasp. The incorporated waist band permits you to sheath the blade safely and securely on your belt for simple access.

  1. SOG Super Bowie

This knife is is truly something extraordinary in it. It has a fixed 7.5-inch AUS-8 metal sharp edge and a clasp point shape with a dark TiNi finish. It’s cool looking earthy colored handle is made of calfskin washers to give a characteristic look and it fits easily in your grasp. It additionally incorporates a dark calfskin sheath with a waist band connection. Its cutting edge is comprised of hardened steel so its magnificence goes on for quite a long time. 

  1. Ontario Special Marine Bandit Bowie Blade

This knife was once intended for the marines, so quality is the most awesome thing about this blade. Marine Bandit Bowie Blade is 15.125 inches. This blackish 9.75-Inch sharp edge is solid handle. This sharp edge is comprised of carbon steel so it’s extremely intense blade for every open air movement. Another material is covered on the edge to oppose erosion. The blade includes an agreeable Kraton handle with a safe grasp so you can utilize it for quite a while even in extraordinary climate conditions. Also, this blade accompanies a cordura sheath.

These are the most efficient and best bowie knives to use outdoors. Most of them are pretty cheap but its all up to you in the end.


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