Building in Miami Collapses as Rescue Team Prepares Explosion

Building in Miami collapses

A 12 storeyed building in Miami collapses, wreaking havoc for people in and around. Possibly 24 residents died, and around 121 are still missing. The site is not safe yet and stalled search efforts.

Explosives will destroy the rest of the building named Champlain Towers South between 22:00 and 3:00 as per local time. This will bring down the security of the search teams.

Due to the planned demolition on Sunday, no search for survivors trapped inside could take place.

Moreover, Tropical Storm Elsa is heading towards Florida and can have landfall on Tuesday. This has made the unstable building even more unsafe for any rescue team to conduct a search operation. Hence, no one could enter the building in the initial few hours to bring any survivors out.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett warned that the ensuing storm could cause further damage endangering more lives and properties, especially that of the rescue teams.

However, experts can structure a pre-planned demolition. This explosion will perhaps help in opening up a quarter of the rubble.

Support from the authorities after building in Miami collapses

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Cava Levine cautioned the residents near the demolition site to keep their windows closed and stay inside the house till two hours post demolition.

The mayor added that this mission would help in expanding the scope of the search. She further expressed her sympathy and grief for all the families whose members are missing and assured of ready assistance.

The evacuation was necessary for this building. Residents of nearby buildings need not vacate their homes, she said. (

As per her statement, rescue teams are also using drones having thermal imaging to search for pets trapped inside. In an immediately held press conference, she said that rescue teams would resume their mission after bringing the building down.

The rescue team is still at work

The search teams restrained the missing persons’ families from halting their own search attempts on Saturday. They had already started their preparation for demolition by then.

They have also drilled small holes into the building base to place the explosives, as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Ray Jadallah said on Sunday.

On Friday, the mayor had also signed the demolition order. The administration has declared no news of providing compensations to the affected apartment owners.

Officials are also looking for structural faults in other adjacent buildings.

The reason behind the collapse of these 40-year-old Champlain Towers is still not clear. However, an inspection in 2018 had already warned of severe flaws in the building’s original design.

The legal and other claims process will be supervised by an independent receiver appointed by the board of building associations.


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