How to Bring the Disney Magic to Your Home

Disney Magic to Your Home

Disney truly is a magical place whether you are a young child or a grown adult. The fascination of seeing a castle captivates plenty of people as many Americans are not used to seeing castles in the US. Adults will have a comfortable familiarity with the park if they had gone there as a child or go there regularly with family. Disney travel agents can create the perfect experience that is unmatched in the theme park industry. 

Losing the enthusiasm that you have during a trip to Disney can be deflating especially when another visit isn’t in the plans for the near future. Bringing that excitement and happy feeling home can be done with a few projects you can take on as a family. 

Disney Nights at Home 

Disney nights where your children can have friends over for a themed night can be great. Picking a movie a few days in advance can help build up the anticipation and allow parents to get ready as well! Dressing up can be an option whether it is with a costume or outfit made at home. Stickers are always a favorite of children when it comes to their favorite Disney characters. Adults can get ready for Disney movie nights in a very different way. Curling up on the couch with a glass of wine to watch a childhood favorite can bring you back to a simpler time. There are plenty of movie-based board games that can also be a great experience for everyone involved. 

Recipes Based Off of Movies 

You do not have to be a classically trained chef to make food that is themed to a Disney movie. For a movie like that of Finding Nemo, there are a variety of fish snacks. Food dye is going to be a huge component of this as you can turn hard-boiled eggs into a themed snack with a certain color. For classic Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, the eggs could be dyed purple. Apples can be served for movies like that of Snow White. The Toy Story movies can be accompanied by beef jerky or other western-themed snacks to honor the great Woody. Any food that can be spotted with dye or pepper can be great for those children interested in 101 Dalmatians. For those that want to have the feeling of Disney without modifying their diet, there is an option for themed silverware, plates, and cups. 

The recipes do not just have to be based on movies as the foods at the theme park are vast and delicious. The ability to take a cheat day off of a diet to splurge on theme park food can provide a great experience. Taking a look at your favorite dishes online that are served at Disney can allow you to recreate this for the entire family. 


A few pieces of ribbon can be a lifesaver for a Disney-themed princess party. There could be a Cinderella Corner in the home or Aladdins Attic that are decorated with ribbon or stickers. Turning a certain part of the home into a “jungle” can be perfect for those Tarzan enthusiasts. There are so many decorations along with ideas on Pinterest that can assist you in the idea-generating process. 


Disney has a great habit of incorporating the beauty of the jungle, flowers, and nature throughout its productions. There are so many beautiful flowers in the movies that can be grown in real life. Take the time to see which types of flowers are incorporated in the movies and purchase them ASAP. You can even grow the flowers from seeds if you have an especially green thumb. The nature that gardens attract can also be an added benefit.

Disney has magic that you can recreate at home if you put enough thought and time into doing so. Disney always has an intense eye for details so mimic this in bringing the magic home. Take the time to list out different ideas that you might have for the entire family. 



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