Is Egypt Nile River Cruise Safe to Enjoy in 2021??

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While preparing to enjoy a Nile River Cruise, you will be preparing yourself to touch the marvelous beauty and the greatness of the impressive ancient Egyptians’ wonderland and you will actually build an amazing unforgettable memory while having a floating hotel experience. Egypt has always been known as an enchanting land of marvels, old & new myths and wonders and of course it is an extraordinary destination for any traveler who is really curious towards ancient history and culture. While being on the board of a Egypt Nile River Cruise, you will actually be living your lifetime adventure since you will be cruising the mesmerizing Nile River and you will have the chance to enjoy warm hospitality on the cruise’s board while overlooking the memorable attractions in Luxor & Aswan cities. It is going to be something in a manner once reserved or ancient Pharaohs & Queens.

Egypt Nile River Cruise allows you to wander among the exceptional ruins of the majestic Karnak Temple Complex which is the world’s largest religious site plus heading to the entrancing Luxor Temple. You will find numerous numbers of impressive historical sites in Luxor including the temples that are dedicated to Horus, Hathor, and many other mythological figures and you will be face to face there with the charming Temple of Hatshepsut. You will also follow the footsteps of ancient rulers, pharaohs, and great archeologists while heading to the Valleys of Kings and Queens which were the ancient burial grounds of the Egyptian royalty and their families. It will be such an exhilarating ride since you will sail towards Edfu & Kom Ombo to visit the two exquisite Temples there and continue the sailing part towards the beautiful city of Aswan that includes inside the most astonishing monuments ever been built by a man like the spectacular Philae Temple and the most notable Abu Simbel Temples. 

Egypt Nile River Vacation is considered the best activity you can do with your partner, family, or your group while being in Egypt of course after paying a visit to Giza Pyramids complex to be able to explore the heart of ancient Egypt through visiting the ancient monuments that were constructed by the ancient Pharaohs and through observing life along the Nile and the majority of tourists who plan their holiday in Egypt really wonder, is it safe enough to have an Egypt Nile River Cruise in 2021? Keep reading to know the exact answer on that question.

It is pretty much safe to board a Egypt Nile River Cruise and wander around Egypt’s attractions and sightseeing than having any other historical tour in Egypt. Not just safe but also it is the most relaxing option to have your desirable vacation as it is operated in the middle of the Nile far away from the crowd and you won’t believe the type of services you will receive on board. Staff of your Nile Cruise cooperate together to deliver the most exceptional Nile River experience for you through renovating the cruise’s furniture from time to time, get the best chefs to prepare your food both international & local cuisine, all types of entertainment available on board, acknowledged tours guides, the highest levels of safety precautions, special prices & promotions for tours and accommodations, and all of what you may need to have the best possible tour you have always wanted. 

Here are Some of the Safety Measures to be Taken on the Board of a Nile Cruise

  1. On the board of your Nile Cruise you will find that it is equipped with the highest safety features and there are always life jackets under the bed of your cabin.
  2. You should definitely avoid drinking lots of alcohol while being on the Nile Cruise board especially if you usually have seasickness.
  3. Those who have equilibrium problems shouldn’t spend lots of time on the deck of the cruise at night especially if the cruise is moving fast as you may fall over.
  4. You shouldn’t smoke inside your cabin as it is very dangerous as the mattresses are highly flammable and it could be fatal.
  5. If you are facing sleepwalking issues, you should choose a cabin that doesn’t have a balcony and it should just have a window which is far safer
  6. There is always a doctor on the board of Egypt Nile Cruise and in case of facing any issue of any kind; you should head directly to him for medical assistance.

Here are Some Helpful Tips to Have a Memorable Nile Cruise Adventure:

  1. Once you check-in your Nile Cruise, you should leave all of your valuables inside the safety deposit box in your cabin as each cabin has its private safe box and it is a very recommended thing to do instead of carrying all of your valuable items with you while touring from a place to another.
  2. You will find shops on the board of your Nile Cruise that sell different items. Although there will be limited items and the size of shops won’t be that big but you will get the chance to take your time on each shop to see what to buy and also to negotiate with the seller about the price.
  3. There is a telephone on the board of Egypt cruises and you should call them at home and letting your relatives know how are you and you place every day but kindly notice that the quality of the sound isn’t as good as it is onshore. 
  4. You should exchange some of your money into EGP before boarding a Nile Cruise as most of Nile Cruises in Egypt don’t offer money exchange facilities on bard and you can do so from any ATM in any corner in Egypt. 

How to Stay Safe in Egypt Specially While Boarding a Nile Cruise??

Egypt is a very safe country to visit and enjoy the best and the most interesting vacation ever however, like any other country, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind while having your vacation in and here are the most important safety tips you should keep in mind while having your tour in the land of Pharaohs:

  1. You should avoid any political gatherings and large crowds while being in Egypt. You may get hurt or face an unfortunate situation with no purpose so to be on the safe side, stay away from any gatherings even in the historical sites. You need to wait until you find it less crowded and more suitable to enjoy good time at.
  2. Always carry an ID card with you or any formal papers that show who you are just like your valid passport, a visa, etc. 
  3. Visit only the areas deemed safe and avoid any unsafe areas. Kindly notice that the majority of tourist sites in Egypt are safe and welcome tourists daily to enjoy their time in exploring the glory of the ancient Egyptian civilization & culture so there is no need at all to be afraid or even to feel unsafe in any spot.
  4. Always drink bottled water and avoid tap water as possible as you can even while being on the board of your Nile Cruise.
  5. Keep washing your hands with soap and running water wherever you go to keep yourself safe against anything and have your meals only at well-known restaurants & cafés. The best thing about Nile Cruises is that accommodation there is on full-board basis which means that you will enjoy your three meals on board through an open buffet prepared by the most professional chefs.
  6. It is highly advisable to book your Nile Cruise tour with a qualified Travel agency to be the one responsible for all of your tours from A to Z and to well-arrange everything for you regarding your food, transfers, tour guide, accommodation, and everything else to have the most notable Egypt tours ever.

Good News About Egypt Nile River Cruise

While there are still some older Nile Cruise shops laid up, some operators are investing in launching the most modernize and the best renovated Nile Cruises at the top end with highly new confidence knowing that they will gain the fruits of their work in a very short time and this provides travelers the best choices to choose from to have the best enjoyable Egypt Nile River Cruise vacation. You should also notice that the Egyptian government is investing in the tourism sector because it has a great importance in the economy section and it is doing its best to attracts the biggest number of tourists daily specially after the COVID-19 Pandemic and among its efforts to flourish the tourism sector is renewing the majority of the 5*deluxe & the 5* High Deluxe Nile Cruises through equipping them with more modernize facilities and renovating most of them to meet the appeal of the guests who come to Egypt to enjoy their vacation

The Egyptian government is also developing new moorings all along the Nile banks as there are many boats docked in Aswan and the Nile there is actually narrow and such a step is really important and lets everybody wins starting from the locals who will be able to see the Nile River again and of course the passengers who won’t have to clamber across three or more ships to reach their own ship. 

Best Time to Enjoy your Nile River Cruise in 2021

You should know that Egypt essentially has hot desert climate that differs from a city to another and from a season to another. To have a Nile Cruise means to head to Upper Egypt which is known with its extreme hot weather in summer season that is why the most recommended duration of time you should arrange your Nile Cruise tour in is actually during winter season and to be more specific, it should be at any time starting from the end of October till the end of April, that period marks two of the most exciting celebrations in Egypt; Christmas Season and Easter Season. During any of those seasons, you will be able to enjoy the best weather ever in Egypt and tour around the beautiful attractions in Upper Egypt without facing any kind of hot weather.  All of what you need to put in mind is to bring with you the suitable items that you may need during such a season including really thick clothes as it gets cold specially on the board of the Nile cruise at night, an extra blanket and you can simply as the receptionist for an extra one if you don’t want to keep carrying it with you. 

Prices of accommodation & tours get higher during both Christmas & Easter Seasons in comparing to any other season in Egypt since those are the most peaked seasons in the land of Pharaohs. Kindly notice that you can still enjoy your Nile Cruise in Summer especially that you will have a good rate for your tour put you should do your own precautions to enjoy the tour you want to have so you definitely should bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, light clothes, avoid walking at noon in the tourist sites, and drinks lots of water during the whole day of your tour. 

What can you Enjoy While Boarding a Nile Cruise Down the Nile River??

There are dozens of totally remarkable sites to visit during your Nile Cruise tour. Whether you are going to start your Nile Cruise from Aswan or from Luxor, you will have the best unforgettable Nile Cruise adventure ever in life. The only difference is that if you want to start it from Aswan towards Luxor, the duration of your tour will be for 4 days but if it is going to be from Luxor, you will spend an extra day and the duration will be for 5 days. For a longer time on board starting from either Luxor or Aswan, you can boo the Nile Cruise tour that lasts for 8 days and it is totally up to you to choose which Nile Cruise duration best fits your budget and your Egypt tours and here are the most impressive sightseeing you can tour around among Luxor’s & Aswan’s sightseeing.

While being in Aswan city, you can visit the prestigious Philae Temple, the impressive Unfinished Obelisk, the hypnotic High Dam, the lovely Nubian Village with its amazing Souk, and of course you won’t want to miss a visit to the irresistible Temples of Abu Simbel. Near Aswan while sailing, you will have the chance to sail towards the impressive Temples of Kom Ombo & Edfu and know their fascinating history; where they were built and the magnificence of their construction. 

On the other side, you will be able to head to the incredible city of Luxor where you will get amazed from the beauty of the ancient monuments spread on both of its east & west banks. Among the greatest landmarks you shouldn’t miss in Luxor are the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Karnak Temples Complex, Luxor Museum, Luxor Temple, Deir El-Medina, Madinet Habu Temple, Valleys of the Queens & Nobels, Dandara and Abydos Temples. You will enjoy every single moment while being in such a breathtaking ancient city and while being on the board of a deluxe Nile Cruise, you will totally enjoy a perfect vacation. 

After knowing all of that information, you should now know which Nile Cruise you should get on board and what are the most recommended Nile Cruises to choose from and you will find below the most interesting well-equipped Nile Cruise that you can search among while planning your Nile Cruise vacation.

When it comes to 5* Deluxe Nile Cruise you will find that the following ones are the best regarding the type of services you will receive on board and their desirable accommodation: 

  1. Crown Jewel                         B) Concerto II
  1. Crown Jubilee                      D) Nile Style
  1. Moon Dance                        F) Concerto
  1. Steigenberger Regency     H) Steigenberger Minerva
  1. Steigenberger Legacy         J) Nile Premium 
  1. Sonesta Nile Goddess 

For more Luxurious options, here are the most significant 5* High Luxury Nile Cruises:

  • Mayfair                                 * Oberoi Philae                          *Sonesta Star Goddess
  • Moon Dance                        * Movenpick Royal Lily             * Sonesta Moon Goddess
  • Jaz Senator                           * Oberoi Zahra                           * Sanctuary Sun Boat III
  • Alexander the Great            * Movenpick Sun Ray               * Esplanade
  • Farah                                      * Acamar

To enjoy the best Egypt Nile cruise vacation, you need to keep in mind that any category rather than the 5* and the 5* high luxury Nile Cruises won’t suit your taste and you won’t get what you have always dreamt of. You need to assure to your travel agency that you need a good renovated Egypt Nile River Cruise that offers many services, facilities, and amenities and you need also to make sure that you know the name of your Nile Cruise in advance to check its website, the reviews of previous travelers and see yourself if it is actually the one that will let you explore Egypt in the best possible way. 


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