Florida rapper Dracovii is next up on the charts


When asking about places that have huge influence on the rap game Atlanta, New York and California are states often thrown around in that conversation. Many people leave out Florida, which has raised some of the hottest artists such as the late Xxxtentacion, Rick Ross, Kodak Black, Lil Pump, Denzel Curry and many others. Amongst these names is Daytona rapper Dracovii.

Dracovii is making his way in the rap game in Florida. The east coast rapper is actually from New York originally, but moved to Florida around the age of six. There he met Supreme patty and his manager A Mills. They helped launch his career. Ever since then he’s been putting out a steady flow of music. The “Water” rapper has been doing solid numbers.

His latest song “Cash App” seems to have a lot of potential. This is a song I could see blowing up over social media. The Daytona rapper seems to have a quite large following on social media also with 200k followers. Being signed to Supreme Patty has helped his career a lot, but the young Florida artists doesn’t plan on stopping the wave he’s on any time soon.


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