Indoor Gardens for Apartments : Tips for Growing a Garden

indoor gardens for apartments

Creating Indoor Gardens in apartments, no matter how small, is sure to lift the spirits of those who inhabit them and offer them a fun hobby. Studies show that incorporating plants into the home makes people happier, more relaxed, and more productive. In addition, they purify the air. What more could you want? It is undeniable that its benefits are multiple.

Even if we live in a small apartment, it is always possible to incorporate a little nature into daily life. First, it is important to analyze the space: the sunlight entering, the available places, and the possibility of a balcony. Then, unleash your creativity.

With these 8 garden ideas for small apartments, it will not be necessary to set aside space to put a pot since our goal was to use creativity to take advantage of unused corners. More information is below. You can read this guide completely to get indoor garden for apartments ideas.

8 Indoor Gardens idea for Apartments

Build a vertical garden with shelves on a wall

In this case, the main thing is to find an available wall and place shelves to put the plants. You can also take advantage of a library or any piece of furniture in the house. The best alternative is always to incorporate many small pots instead of one large one.

Natural light must reach them, but if it does not reach any point in the house, you can get varieties of plants that resist these characteristics, such as succulents, bonsai, or flowers such as roses or orchids.

Design a seating space on the balcony with flower pots and a good place to sit

If the apartment is small, it is essential to take advantage of the balcony and not leave it as a deposit that we do not want to see. A good way to use this space wisely is to design a rest area with beautiful plants and a place to sit.

indoor gardens for apartments

You can choose folding chairs and plants of different textures and foliage; the better if they are aromatic and colorful. To give it a more stylish touch, you can add a comfortable blanket, a rug, and a flashlight to illuminate at night. And ready! That is all that this special corner needs. It will be ideal for relaxing after work since surrounding yourself with green has lower stress levels.

One detail that you must remember is that it is important to move the plants to not drown in the water when it rains.

Create a succulent garden in a small, unused corner : indoor gardens for apartments

The size does not matter: no matter how small they are, the apartments always have unused and forgotten corners where no furniture fits. Detecting them implies finding new places to locate plants.

If the sun does not reach them, it is ideal for generating a small succulent garden. It can be done in a large pot, many small ones, or a glass terrarium, but choosing different varieties to contrast colors and textures is the most beautiful thing.

Take advantage of the ceiling, a coat rack, or any furniture to use hanging pots

All garden ideas for small apartments coincide in one thing: you have to take advantage of what you have. In this case, the objective is to find places to place hanging pots.

Pots can be hung from coat racks, shelves, or any piece of furniture, or also attach hooks to the ceilings and do it from there. There is an infinite variety of styles to incorporate in the latter case, from bohemian macramé ropes to containers in architectural designs. The important thing is to choose a style that goes with the rest of the home.

Don’t forget the bathroom: this space is also beautiful with plants

When incorporating plants into the apartment, you always think about the balcony, the bedroom, or the living room. However, the bathroom offers several options, and beautifying it is a good idea. You can place pots on the available shelves or next to the bathtub.

However, a more daring style is to place hanging plants in the spout where the shower curtain is. It is a bet for the brave, but it will give a cleaner look to this environment.

The good thing about putting plants in the bathroom is that they will not go unnoticed. The living room or bedroom tends to blend in with so much decoration, but they will be the stars in this space. On the other hand, the conditions are ideal for indoor varieties since they are warm and humid. If natural light also comes in, that’s it! We have a greenhouse.

Incorporate shelves in the windows to take advantage of them and put pots on top

Another good idea is to mount a shelf in the window and incorporate flower pots there. The good thing about this is that being so close to the light. The plants will have a very happy life. It is an ideal way to take advantage of space if you have little.

indoor gardens for apartments

If you are going to take this job, then it is advisable to choose perennials, that is, they last a long time. These also require the same maintenance every season, so you will not have to overextend yourself in a particular season. Some examples are aloe vera or cacti.

Instead of a traditional centerpiece, use an herb garden that you can use for cooking

As we said in the previous point, using plants that you can also use for cooking is a simple and beautiful way to incorporate green into a small apartment. Another way to do this is to ditch the ornamental centerpieces and design an herb garden.

If you want to do this, the plants must be located with airflow and good natural light. The easiest varieties to grow are mint, coriander, parsley, and basil. The pots must have good drainage, so it is important to place them on a plate not to wet the table. This way, your dining room will look beautiful, relaxing, and have a unique aroma that only herbs can give it.

Set aside the soil and place your plants in water

If you have a tiny space or don’t like working with soil, water is a good alternative, not just for flowers. You can use any container, vase, or round bottom container with water and place shoots of all kinds. If they are transparent, the better the light enters, and you can also appreciate the plant’s evolution.

Tips for organizing a garden in a small space in your apartment:

Choosing plants, to start, you must know what type of plants you want to have. For this, it is important to know if they need a lot of little sunlight and know ​​where they will be placed to facilitate watering.

Space can be a vertical or horizontal garden. The important thing is that it has the perfect place for it. If it is vertical, it must be a practical structure where you can support the plants without any inconvenience and if it is horizontal, find the right place for it.

Recycled, you can use old or plastic buckets to place the plants. You can also use wooden boards and the trays of each pot to drain its water and not run everywhere.

Maintenance, absolutely all plants need proper care to be able to maintain themselves. It is very important to check the light, the nutrients, clean the forest that it secretes, water enough not to overdo it, find the right soil to flourish and grow very well.

FAQ on Indoor Gardens for Apartments

How to organize a garden in a small space apartment?

  • Choose plants to start.
  • Space can be a vertical or horizontal garden.
  • Recycled, you can use old or plastic buckets to place the plants.
  • Maintenance, absolutely all plants need proper care to be able to maintain themselves.

What kind of plants do I grow in my indoor garden?

  • Herbs such as oregano, rosemary, basil, small citrus trees, or vegetables.
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocados
  • Mushrooms.
  • Green chili
  • Bell Peppers.
  • Microgreens.
  • Lemons.
  • Garlic Greens.
  • Strawberries, etc.

How can I choose an indoor plant area?

It depends on whether you want a decorative corner or wants to spend your free time there. Then you can build a small garden in the living room or dining room of the apartment. It could give you that feeling of tranquility that you are looking for.

Is it beneficial to have an indoor garden?

Yes, it is. Having a small garden inside the home will also provide health benefits and generate fresh air and relaxation. Also, you can grow many kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs to meet your nutrition needs.

Conclusion on Indoor Gardens for Apartments

An apartment generally does not have such a large space to maintain a garden. That is why the trend of creating a natural space has become popular in its decorations.

Although it seems simple, it is not so easy to grow a garden inside an apartment. To achieve this, you must choose or determine a space (vertical or horizontal) where the plants are placed. Taking care of the lighting and irrigation, as well as the type of plants to use. Plants are known as “succulents” can be a good option.



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