Pass CCNA R&S 200-125 Exam by Using Practice Tests and Enjoy Career Opportunities Waiting for You


As the Internet of Things is constantly changing and evolving, routing and switching skills have become an essential prerequisite for many employees. The CCNA R&S certification prepares any IT professional for monitoring and troubleshooting any product related to network infrastructure. 

Considering that they represent the heart of the Internet of Things, you will certainly need this accreditation to move on in your IT career. Apart from in-depth knowledge of programmable network architecture, you will also gain a significant salary increase and professional recognition. According to PayScale reports, a CCNA-certified professional has an average annual income of $65.000+. 

So, if all the aboveaspects seem appealing to you, keep reading this article and find what are the career opportunities waiting for you if you succeed in acquiring the CCNA R&S certification through passing one of its exams – 200-125.

Why Should You Become a Cisco-certified Professional?

Firstly, you will get accreditation from a leader in networking. Cisco has the highest market share when it comes to IT certifications. Also, when you gain a badge provided by this solid credentials’ vendor, you ware building the foundation for a career in networking. With the expertise acquired in training sessions for various certifications, you are also increasing the chances to be welcomed onto a routing and switching role. 

Moreover, each acquired certification offers you a variety of job opportunities. You will no longer be limited to just one working place or position. Here, the more abilities you gain the bigger chances you get to be accepted in high paid jobs. Thanks to the CCNA R&S certification, a candidate gets prepared for the network evolution in a continually changing digital era, as well as keeps up the pace with the latest technology developments. 

Finally, you will grasp the opportunity to participate in various training sessions and thus, have a powerful advantage to stand out between your peers.

CCNA R&S Certification Options and 200-125 Exam Structure

To gain the CCNA R&S credential, you need to pass two exams or one. The first option implies the passing of two tests – 100-105 and 200-105. The second option means that you need to pass only 1 exam – 200-125. Though the topics covered and skills tested are the same in both two options, still, you save your time by taking only 1 composite exam. 

The composite 200-125 exam is one of the two options you can pursue to win the Cisco CCNA R&S certification. The test consists of 60-70 items to which you will have to answer in 90 minutes. You are expected to solve issues related to a variety of skills and knowledge associated with routing and switching technologies:

  • Infrastructure services, security, and management
  • LAN switching techniques
  • Network fundamentals
  • WAN technologies
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies

It is simple and convenient to schedule your exam. You should log into your account previously created at Pearson VUE platform, then select required tests, enter the exam code and follow the instructions you receive from the website. Answer all the questions, and you will thus receive the confirmation message that you are eligible to take the assessment. 

Before submitting your application, you should carefully read the information presented on the web-resource. While there are no strict prerequisites to take 200-125 exam, you should examine the test policy. In case you are older than 18, you can enroll to take the exam without any prior consent required. But if you are between 13 and 17 years old, you will need to ask for permission from your legal tutor or parent.

Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching Recertification

Like many other certifications offered by Cisco, its validity lasts for three years. Considering the important advantage that it provides for your career opportunities you shouldn’t think twice before applying for recertification. The validity of the CCNA R&S certification can be extended by taking one of the following exams:

  • An exam available for associate-level IT practitioners (except for ICND1), or
  • A test with one of the codes starting with 642-XXX or 300-XXX professional-levelexams, or
  • Any available exam with 642-XXX code for specialists (with certain exceptions), or 
  • Any written or practical CCDE exam, or
  • Any written CCIE exam, or
  • Obtaining the final approval during the Cisco Certified Architect Interview and CCAr board review.

Train Yourself for 200-125 Exam with Cisco Study Sources 

Preparation for the exams is of crucial importance for Cisco. Thus, the most significant evidence of this mode of conduct is the variety of materials that candidates can find on the Cisco website. 

  • If you have enough time you can attend classroom training for which candidates are recommended to follow the “Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated” (CCNAX). Under this preparation option, tutors hold classes all around the world. The other possibility is to visit the virtual classroom. 
  • In case your time is short and you cannot afford to attend learning in class, you can also use online-learning materials. Here, you can choose from a variety of self-paced materials under the Cisco Learning Network Store where you can find various offline training resources (e.g., Cisco learning labs for ICND1 and ICND2 v3.0). 
  • Well, if you feel that you don’t have enough practical experience, you are free to opt for the Cisco practical labs, like Cisco Modeling laboratories. 
  • The study groups are also an excellent training alternative. Apart from gaining as much knowledge as possible, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to socialize and discover insights regarding 200-125 exam.

Train Yourself for 200-125 with PrepAway

Apart from Cisco, applicants should also take a look at PrepAway. In order not to meet any anxieties during the exam day and to increase the chances to succeed from the first attempt, this is your way to go.

  • Purchase the so-valuable, only $39.98-worth premium bundle of training materials and more learning options, and get preference over the competitors!
  • Otherwise, take care of your practice exam skills with the ETE advanced software that authentically simulates the test setting. Get an excellent start with a Lite and Pro package, also with an option of a free demo file! This great tool replays the real exam setting, equipped with variousquestion types and unlimited exam files! 
  • Finally, but importantly, open the permanently updated free Cisco 200-125 practice tests to help you ace in your test excellence. Utilize this free training option all to your 200-125 exam benefit! Being uploaded by the recent exam takers they will provide you with the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. You’ll find the gaps in your knowledge and focus on these topics, thus, you’ll become prepared for the exam.


The Cisco CCNA R&S certification can help you make the mark in a networking career. As the Internet-of-Everything is permanently evolving, this credential enables you to develop the necessary expertise and proficiency to keep up-to-the-minute with the IT market’s trends. From the profit perspective, many organizations appreciate the employees who put effort into obtaining the CCNA R&S badge. This means that these receive increased salaries, social recognition, and consistent bonuses. By taking 200-125 exam you’ll enjoy the benefits of being in the sphere of your dreams. For that pass 200-125 exam on your first trial by using the most actual practice tests and other study materials from the PrepAway website.


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