Sexual Health Facts vs. Myths: Know What Not to Believe

Sexual health facts vs. myths: know what not to believe

Along with some of the common sexual health facts that we know due to our experience, there are myths we must fight every day. Here, we will discuss some of the myths that you can completely ignore.

Sexual health facts vs. myths

Check out the myths than you need to stop believing and also shut people who say so:

  • The only kind of sex possible is when someone put their penis in someone’s vagina.
  • Self-help is not sex, and it should not be done.
  • There is no sex without having an orgasm.
  • Sex must always start with foreplay.
  • Only beginners are into foreplay.
  • Men must have an erection to have sex.
  • Only men initiate sex and take control of what happens.
  • Men always want sex and are ready for it any time.
  • Women rarely want sex.
  • Men can last all night.
  • What they show in adult films is all true.
  • Women must have sex with only one partner, or they might lose them.
  • Kissing and touching always lead to sex.
  • You should not try self-help if you have a partner.
  • If you fantasize about someone you aren’t happy with your spouse.
  • You always want to have sex with someone you had before.
  • If you have the best sex, you wouldn’t have to do it anymore.

Why is it essential to bust sexual myths?

Sex is a taboo in many countries, and the places where it is can be spoken about openly, people don’t always feel comfortable. It is important to talk more about sex to be rightly informed and educated about it.

When you break the myths around sex, you realize how stupid some of them sound. Sex is a part of our life and a necessity for a certain age. It is crucial that people who want to give and expect to have a healthy bond with someone they are intimate with.

Schools and parents should be more vocal about speaking about sexual health with their children. There comes the point in time when they find out that young adults have sex. So, it is essential to make them aware of what to expect and how they should be safe.

Basic sexual health facts

Here are some facts about sexual health we all must know:

  • Protection is necessary
  • The first time doesn’t have to be perfect
  • It is best to have a connection or a bond before doing it
  • It takes time to discover how it feels
  • Foreplays are natural enhancers for the entire routine
  • Females don’t always bleed when they do it for the first time
  • Both the partners should be cooperative and considerate
  • It needs to happen with consent

Sexual facts are not limited to people doing it for the first time. If someone wants to have an idea about taking the right kind of medication for sex, they too need to learn about it. Thus, sexual life evolves with understanding how it works to make sure it gives the expected outcomes.


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