Side Effects Of Tamiflu

side effects of tamiflu

You may be hearing for the first time the name Tamiflu. However, it is a drug working as an antiviral. In addition, the other name of Tamiflu is oseltamivir phosphate. The drug is essential in various ways in emergency time. By the way, every drug also has some side effects if you sometimes misuse it. Therefore, we are going to know all about the side effects of Tamiflu in this article. 

First of all, you will know the basic idea of Tamiflu and what exactly it is. Secondly, we will present a broad discussion on the side effects of Tamiflu. Thirdly, we will answer some of the common questions you may have in your mind. And finally, we will finish the article with a conclusion section for a better understanding. 

So, you should read the whole article for a clear idea of Tamiflu and the side effects of Tamiflu. 

What is Tamiflu

As we said above that Tamiflu is an antiviral medicine that prevents viruses such as influenza type A and B in our body. However, the doctors usually prescribed this medicine for the flu signs that occurred by the influenza virus.  In addition, the drug works for people who have the virus signs for less than two days. 

Besides, you may also take this drug as a precaution even the symptoms of the virus do not appear in your body. By the way, we should not expect that the Tamiflu will heal our standard types of cold. So, it usually works to prevent multiplying and decreasing the virus in our bodies. 

By the way, you will get two kinds of Tamiflu in the market, and both can be taken by mouth. The two types are capsules and a liquid suspension. However, you will get pills in three kinds of strengths such as 30 mg, 45 mg, and 75 mg. On the other hand, the liquid suspension can only be found in one force, 6 mL liquid. 


There are a lot of research and study has conducted on Tamiflu in time to time. However, a medical research expert found that the Tamiflu is working well in both healing and prevention. By the way, below we are describing detail on it. 

Efficiency For Healing Influenza Virus

There are two research has conducted on the efficiency of Tamiflu, and the results were good. However, the study has performed on adults with flu signs. And after applying for medicine, they have adequately cured. 

There were two groups in the research. One group took Tamiflu, and another took a placebo. As a result, the people who took Tamiflu required 1.3 fewer days than placebo taking people to recover. So, Tamiflu was more effective and Curable. 

In addition, doctors also applied it to children who are between 1 to 12 years old. However, the children were flu-infected. By the way, some children got Tamiflu and others placebo. As a result, here, the Tamiflu takers have the advantage again. They cured 1.3 fewer days than the placebo takers. 

Therefore, we can confidently say that the efficiency of Tamiflu is excellent than its competitors. 

Efficiency For Stopping The Influenza

We all know that prevention is better than cure, and it is a better strategy for our health. By the way, experts took research on the prevention process too. However, they choose a flu season for the Tamiflu experiments. Doctors mainly wanted to see the result of who took Tamiflu and who took the placebo. 

Usually, they wanted to make an efficient comparison between the drugs. However, the researcher chooses the people who did not have the yearly vaccine and healthy. Because this is the plan for checking the effectiveness of the drug. In the same study, researchers take the candidate who is more than 65 years old and staying in the nursing home. 

As a result, only a few candidates received the flu shot during the experimentation time. 

By the way, only one percent of candidate trigger the flu among those who take the Tamiflu. On the other hand, four to twelve percent of candidates received the flu, not accepting the Tamiflu. 

Side Effects Of Tamiflu

There is no doubt that Tamiflu is an effective antiviral medicine among patients. In addition, as we know that everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. By the way, if you use that thing carefully and systematically, there will be no issues. 

Therefore, Tamiflu also may act unexpectedly if you can’t use it properly. So, it has some light or sometimes severe side effects. However, we are listing a list of side effects of Tamiflu below. In addition, we will provide a detailed description of individual side effects. Besides, we will guide you with some solutions with the details. 

However, you should make continuous communication with your doctor for more accurate side effects because it will help you to determine the possible upcoming side effects. 

The Regular Side Effects Of Tamiflu

There are some common types of side effects that can appear while taking Tamiflu. Such as, 

  • Nausea.
  • Normal body pain.
  • Vomiting.
  • Headache.

By the way, the above-listed side effects will remove aways in a couple of days. However, if they still exist and increase the pain, you should consult the doctor and take immediate steps. 

Sever Side Effects of Tamiflu

There are some severe side effects of using Tamiflu, but these are not common. By the way, these uncommon but severe side effects also take place in your body. So, whenever you face these side effects, you should consult the doctor without wasting further time.

By the way, here is the list of severe effects you may encounter. Such as:

  • There will be some unusual behavior. For example, you may behave weirdly. In addition, you can feel out of your body sometimes. Besides, hallucination also can be an issue. 
  • Dangerous allergic side effects. We are going to discuss this in detail below. 

Details Of Side Effects Of Tamiflu 

When we take medicines for healing our body, we do not expect the reaction in our body. Below we will present the full details on the side effects that may appear after applying the Tamiflu. 

Allergic Side Effects

Like most drugs, some of the users may encounter side effects after applying Tamiflu. By the way, we do not know the exact number or the ratio of affected people. However, there are sure signs of allergic effects that can appear. 

  • Skin Rash. 
  • Flushing. Flushing is like warmth as well as redness in the skin. 

Moreover, some severe reactions also can take place, but these are very rare. However, the signs of the rare side effects are: 

  • Blister under the skin, such as eyelids, lips, arms, and feet.
  • Blister in the tongue and throat. 
  • Breathing issue. 

So, you know about the allergic reaction and its symptoms. Therefore, whenever you see that effects see the doctor within no time. 


If someone is allergic to any drug and consume that drug, they can face rash in their skin. However, it can happen after taking Tamiflu too. By the way, I know a side effect named Stevens-Johnson, and it is severe for the people who affected. So, this type of reaction can bring swelling on your skin, taking a large area. 

Therefore, whenever you face a rash skin reaction, you should stop taking medicine immediately. After that, you must see the specialist as soon as possible. So, only a specialist can suggest appropriate therapy for that issue. 


We heard that some of the patient who has taken the Tamiflu antiviral face delirium or hallucinations. However, if you do not know, the hallucination is something you are seeing and hearing, but that is not real. In addition, people also act abnormally, and they can fall into injury very quickly. Typically hallucination appears to the children in most cases, resolving the issue within a short time. By the way, we do not sure that the effects come from the Tamiflu dosage. 

However, whenever you see that your child is having hallucinations or any unusual activities, call the doctor immediately. So, without being panic, if you see the doctor, they can give you the best solution. 


The digestion system may fail after taking the antiviral named Tamiflu. There is clinical research, and around seven percent of children encountered diarrhea after taking the drug. By the way, this side effect is not common among the elders.

If you or your youngster has loose bowels while taking Tamiflu, it’s imperative to remain hydrated and get electrolytes during treatment. Electrolytes can be found in pediatric enhancement drinks. A few instances of these beverages, which can be found at your nearby pharmacy, such as:

  • CeraLyte.
  • Rehydrate.
  • Enfalyte.
  • Pedialyte.

It’s imperative to converse with your primary care physician or drug specialist about which electrolyte drink is best for you or your kid. A portion of these beverages contains a great deal of sugar, which can demolish loose bowels instead of improving them.

Frequently Asked Question-faq

Here we will answer some of the common types of questions that people have about the Tamiflu. However, you may also have any queries. Let’s see the section. 

Is Tamiflu Harmful To The Aged People?

No, it is safe and protected. In clinical examinations, Tamiflu was given to 1,994 individuals who were ages 65 years and more established, including 1,048 individuals ages 75 years and more seasoned. There were no distinctions in the security or viability of Tamiflu in these age bunches contrasted with the wellbeing or adequacy seen in more youthful individuals taking the medication.

Is Tamiflu An Antiviral Drug?

Frankly, it is. Tamiflu contains the dynamic medication oseltamivir. It is a place with a class of antiviral medications called flu neuraminidase inhibitors. These medications focus on the flu infection and keep it from duplicating (making more infection) within your body. This causes your safe framework to fend off the disease.

May I Also Take The Virus Vaccine Along With Tamiflu?

Indeed, you can. There are two sorts of influenza immunizations: inactivate (doesn’t contain live infection) and live (includes live disease). 

You can get an inactivated influenza immunization when you’re utilizing Tamiflu. Notwithstanding, you can’t get the live flu immunization (which comes as a nasal shower) while you’re taking Tamiflu. This is because the live immunization may not also function for you since Tamiflu will be fending off the infection you’re given in the antibody. 

Talk with your PCP or drug specialist about when the correct time is for you to get an influenza shot. If you have this season’s virus or you’re presently taking Tamiflu, remind your primary care physician or drug specialist. They’ll have the option to suggest whether you ought to get an influenza immunization.


We are now at the very end of the article about the side effects of Tamiflu. However, I hope you have gained the required knowledge to make yourself safe from any kind of reaction from that drug. 

We tried to give you a basic idea about the reaction of Tamiflu. By the way, you also should know how to take the doses every day. However, you will take Tamiflu every twelve hours by your mouth. So, if you maintain it twice daily, the drug will work correctly to heal the flu. 

On the other hand, when it is time to prevent the virus, you will take Tamiflu once a day by your mouth because the drug will do its work within this 24 hours time limit. Also, the process will balance the level in our body to work correctly.

By the way, you must not any miss any dose whether you are taking it for treating or preventing. If you can, you should set a reminder on your smartphone. So, stay happy, stay healthy.


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