Tips to Make Motorcycle Road Trips Memorable

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Whether you travel solo or with a partner it is absolutely important that you make your trips memorable and as entertaining as possible. While riding a motorcycle can be very joyful and fulfilling it is can be made more fun and memorable when you know how to enhance your fun with some pre-planned activities.

To avoid snags in your road trips and keeping things fresh on the road, planning activities ahead of time and considering a number of aspects that help you maximize the pleasure of being going through the open road on your motorbike is very important.

So how can you ensure a safe, entertaining, and stress-free trip? Here are the top 5 tips that can help you accomplish just that.


You are going to hit a snag in your journey if you do not have or follow a proper plan. Planning is a crucial part of any task or activity. And going on long road trips on your bike calls for a well laid out plan that will contain all the schedules for reaching your planned destinations on time.

Develop a plan that contains information about when and where you will stop or refueling, how much time will you allot to give yourself and your bike a breathing time, where you are going to stay, and so on. Careful planning is the key to a successful road trip.

Only pack essentials

When preparing to go on long road journeys it is imperative that you do not carry a lot of luggage around with you. Especially if there is a partner with you on your back seat. To start, your bike will be heavy, to begin with, it will become heavier when you both sit on it, and on top of that carrying heavy items as luggage will only make things worse.

Your bike’s engine will get heat up quickly, consume more fuel, and will reduce your two-wheeler’s performance. Packing only the essentials with you will make it easy for both you and your ride. Not only will you be more comfortable but also your bike’s performance will not be impacted.

Bring a camera and dress nicely

It may sound like a bit general advice but you’d be surprised how many bikers forget and neglect to bring cameras while going on adventurous road trip. Cameras are a necessity when it comes to capturing life savoring moments that you can remember long after your voyages.

Always make sure to pack a DSLR or any other good quality camera with you so you do not have to resort to using your phone’s cam. Secondly, dress nicely. The look of bikers is incomplete if they do not wear proper attire. To look stylish and memorable while traveling and when you see your pictures after a couple of years back it is important that you wear stylish outfits that will give you the perfect feelings of nostalgia.

If you do not own riding outfits in your wardrobe check out Viking Cycle’s motorcycle jackets and Viking Cycle motorcycle vests attire collection to find comfortable and classy riding attire that will keep you comfortable and stylish on the roads.

Stay connected

While it is true that most of us go on vacations and road trips to get away from all the hustle and bustle of our daily basis of life but it is also important that we stay connected with our friends and family when we are away. While enjoying your journey it will mean a lot to your family and friends if you can take out just 5-10 minutes for calling them and letting them know that you are okay. Remaining in touch with parents will also keep them mentally peaceful and connected to you even if you are away.

Stay safe

While it is all fun and entertaining to ride a motorbike, it is also dangerous if you do not follow proper safety procedures. Health comes before everything and you will not be able to enjoy anything in life you are unhealthy. Similarly, getting injured or crashing your bike during a road trip will not be anything less than a nightmare.

Not only you may get severely hurt but also a crash may put your bike out of commission. Then it is going to be a real problem. So to avoid such fate, ensure you wear safety gear and abide by traffic laws.


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