Tools of kali linux

tools of kali linux


Kali Linux gives its users some of the best features for Penetration testing. It also adds new and distinct ways for hackers to develop their skills. But the tools of Kali Linux can sometimes be hard to utilize. Furthermore, not all online sources will give you proper knowledge about installing tools of Kali Linux. 

That is why Kali Linux will serve only those who are tech lovers and enthusiasts. The Kali Linux distro is indeed full of uses starting from penetration to Security auditing. In fact, this operating system is the best in its multi-purpose features. Therefore let us see some of the most useful tools of Kali Linux below.


Benefits of using Kali Linux

Firstly, Kali Linux is not for people who are trying to learn for the first time. Kali is undoubtedly for experts only. However, anyone having the basic or average knowledge on Kali can do some amazing stuff with it. If you are want to be an ethical hacker, then this Kali Linux is just what you require. 


The benefits of Kali Linux are too much to talk about in a small article like this. But the basics of Kali are Ethical Hacking, Pen-testing, security shift, and everything sci-fi. You literally take over a company if that company has low-security settings. So, we can conclude by saying that Kali Linux has more benefits than most other Linux OS. 


Install Kali Linux Basics

The total procedure of installing the Kali Linux OS for your device is relatively easy. Firstly you would need a storage capacity of 20 GB and a 4gb ram support. Secondly, you require USB support for your device. 

Similar to any other operating system, you can boot Kali Linux from your USB drive. Furthermore, the procedure for installing Kali Linux is exactly the same as windows from a USB stick. So, just boot from the bootable kali Linux drive and then install the fantastic operating system. 


Note: If You want, you can also utilize a dual boot system. However, this process requires a VirtualBox machine, and you need to google the process yourself. 

Top tools of Kali Linux 2020

Sometimes we have no choice but to check our projects through penetration testing or hacking. Doing so will surely increase your security features and bring improvements to your tasks. However, to improve our time and effort, we have to rely on tools that may help us. So, here are some of the tools of Kali Linux, which you may use to perform all security testings. 


Burp Suite (Best tools of Kali Linux)

Burp suite is surely a grand piece of software that shouldn’t be reconned with. In fact, this Burp Suite for Linux OS is one of the best web application for testing your security. You can flawlessly utilize it as your central proxy server. Therefore, bypassing website restrictions can get a whole lot easier with Burp Suite. 


Furthermore, this software is quite efficient in vulnerability testing like XSS, SQLi, web defects, etc. Additionally, the Kali Linux operating system has a pre-installed community edition of Burp that is totally free. However, this software version has a paid version as well, which professionals use regularly. So, if you want the most advanced functionality of Burp Suite, then getting the Burp Suite Professional is a must. 


Metasploit Framework

Firstly, the Metasploit Framework is a highly popular application for the Linux operating system. This software is a development of Rapid7 technologies and continuously gives updates to their users. Furthermore, hackers regularly use this Metasploit Framework app for penetration testing. But, I’m sorry to say that this software is not the newbies in this ecosystem. 


However, if you are an intermediate user of Linux, then this software can surely help exploit vulnerabilities over networks or OS. The best part of the Metasploit Framework is that you can use it over a local network and also for hosts. To conclude, this is an excellent tool that has a CLI basis and even a GUI package. 




Nmap is simply a network scanner that lets you discover hosts, ports, and other parallel services. In fact, Nmap is the crown jewel when it comes to network recon apps. Furthermore, you can even see versions of the services with Nmap for Kali Linux. So, Nmap is genuinely a fantastic piece of software. 


If you are constantly trying to detect the OS of your target, or host services, then Nmap has no alternative. In fact, Nmap is one of the most useful reconnaissance tools in the Linux ecosystem. Therefore, scan for open ports as much as you like with this free, open-source Nmap software. 



In general, we get tired of manually analyzing data over a network. So, to find a better solution, Wireshark is here to the rescue. Wireshark is basically a network security tool that can surely improve your efforts. Wireshark can particularly analyze your packets of data and gathers information like source IP, destination IP, protocol, and so on. 


Additionally, you can also get headers of the data you will be analyzing. In any event, the packet extension that Wireshark can read is “.pcap.” However, you need to configure Wireshark properly for it to work. If you somehow make any mistake then, Wireshark may end up in a crash. 



We all tried to hack the Wifi network of our neighbors at some point in our life. In order to hack wifi signals, we used to download various applications for our phone or windows PC. But if you are a Kali Linux user, then this project can not be any easier. And all is thanks to the Aircrack-ng tool for Kali Linux. 


Firstly, this tool is a WEP, WPA, and WPA2 cracker. In fact, this Aircrack-ng is also an all in one packet sniffer tool. You can additionally use it as an analyzing and Hash capturing tool. Aircrack can certainly help you capture the package hashes and also crack them through dictionary attacks. However, getting the latest wireless interface is best for this wonderful hacking tool. 


Social Engineering Toolkit

The Social Engineering Toolkit is simply a collection of multiple applications that can efficiently perform social engineering attacks. In general, this tool utilizes human behavior and then gathers various information. Finally, this tool is perfect for practicing your social engineering attacks. 


To open the Social Engineering toolkit, firstly open the terminal and then type setoolkit. Now just press enter in the agree with button and then start your project.



If you need scanning options like port scanning, listening, etc. then Netcat can be an excellent help to your work. This software is simply a networking tool that can certainly work with various ports. In fact, you can even use this hacking tool to debug or daemon network testing. Furthermore, many hackers use this tool as their essential tool for multiple projects. 


If you are a Kali Linux user then, this Netcat software will be there in your device. So, you don’t have to install Netcat from any foreign website. In general, people use this tool for TCP, UDP, or UNIX domain socket operations. But you can also do Open remote connection operations with this tool. 



Developers of Kali Linux made an upgrade to their OS by integrating sqlmap to Kali. As the name suggests, sqlmap is an SQL attract tool. Sqlmap is undoubtedly on top of all SQL injection attack tools. Firstly this software uses automatic processes to test the various parameter for SQL injection. Then the software detects those weak parameters and then exploits them for your needs. 


Finally, it is a great tool for automatically detecting databases and do nothing else. Simply put the URL and check whether you can exploit the parameters or not. Sqlmap can indeed check post parameters as well by using the requested file. 


John the Ripper

In reality, there are only a few passwords cracking tools of kali linux that are as good as John the Ripper. Surprisingly, this software can penetrate any code if you give it the proper time to operate. In fact, John the Ripper is very famous for its brute attacks. John The Ripper can utilize both dictionary attack and custom wordlist attacks for brute-forcing. 


Furthermore, you can even unlock compressed contents, locked files, crack passwords, and more with John the Ripper. So, if you want tons of options for cracking hashes or passwords, then go for John the Ripper as your project app. 



The Autopsy is another top grade tools for Kali Linux. You don’t have to install Kali Linux from any online website, as you will find Autopsy pre-installed in your device. Since Autopsy gathers forensics information, this tool is useful to many. If you don’t know about the Autopsy, then this tool basically investigates files or logs. This results in finding valuable information like what the user did or what was done with the system. 


Furthermore, the autopsy app can also retrieve files from USB devices like Pen-drives and memory cards. So, frankly speaking, you definitely need this software for your recovery projects. 




What are the tools in Kali Linux?

There are as far as 600 pre-installed tools of Kali Linux operating system. However, we don’t need all of them for penetration testing or hacking. So, the top tools for most basic Kali Linux uses are,

  • Kismet.
  • Burp Suite.
  • Aircrack-ng.
  • Ettercap.
  • Armitage.
  • Cisco Global Exploiter.
  • Hashcat.
  • John the Ripper.


Is Kali Linux illegal?

Though Kali Linux is a popular Cyber hacking Operating system, it is not illegal to use. The reason is, no operating system in the world can be prohibited as long as you have permission to install it. So, no matter how much you use Kali Linux, it will not be illegal any time soon. 


Do hackers use Kali Linux?

Yes indeed. Kali Linux is a hacking operating system that is completely free to use. In fact,there are more than six hundred tools of kali Linux for practicing your hacking and penetration testing. Furthermore, Kali Linux allows users to operate in multiple languages. So, hackers all over the world can use Kali Linux and also customize it accordingly. 


What tools do real hackers use?

In general, hacking tools vary from the hacker to hacker, and they are not fixed to only one tool per project. But here are a few of the most popular tools that hackers use on a regular basis.


  • OpenVAS
  • Metasploit.
  • John the Ripper
  • SQLMap.
  • Nmap
  • Wireshark
  • IronWASP
  • Nikto


Which language is used in Kali Linux?

Well, the answer to the question certainly depends on the purpose you want to use Kali for. In case if you want to learn, then there are tons of tools that can help you. Again if you are a beginner, then Kali can surely help you develop your skills in hacking. But for it, you would need knowledge of coding, HTML, etc. 


Wrapping with the best tools for Kali Linux

The developers of Kali Linux surely did a great job of customizing this operating system. Firstly, Kali Linux is very useful and efficient for multiple security purposes. Furthermore, with the Kali Linux operating system, you can do network analysis, pen-testing, and any cybersecurity you like. However, this Operating system is more popular among hackers and want to be hackers. 


If you are a tech enthusiast, then you will have loads of fun with Kali Linux. So, use the 600 pre-installed tools of Kali Linux OS and enjoy simply have fun. 



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