Top 10 Things To Do in India

Things To Do in India

India is an amazing country recognized for its vivid, bright, colorful culture, traditions, and welcoming nature of people. India has so much to offer that would require one or two years to explore the beauty of this country. We all are aware of the fact that India is the only country that boasts different religions and all of them live in peace and harmony. This is the real beauty of the country! Be it Diwali festival of Hindus, Eid of Muslims, Christmas of Christians or Guru Purab of Sikhs, every religion celebrates their festival with great enthusiasm.

If you’re planning for cultural tours to India, then here in this article we’ll be sharing top 10 things that you can do in this magnificent country:



Festivals of India are one-of-a-kind. You would have never ever seen so much togetherness and diversity in any other country like India. You can witness the festivals all around the year because some of the other religion keep celebrating their festivals in different months. And these months could be the best time to experience several colors of India.


  • Chill out on the beaches-


Well, India has some of the best beaches on the planet that you would cherish for years. Goa is always in vogue for its beaches and the western culture it follows. You could experience serene beauty and the mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets. Besides Goa, southern parts of India, which are known for backwaters, also boast scenic beaches. These untouched beaches can be the perfect destination for solitude travelers.


  • Experience the divine energy at temples-


India is known for pilgrimage as the people here believe in God and it’s magic devotedly. There are some temples that can make you realize in the divine energy for sure. And the architecture of the temple, as well as the location, will make you fall in love with places. Not only temples but even the mosque’s and churches are astonishingly beautiful.


  • Explore the enticing mountains-


You would find mountains in India almost in every zone of India, but if you’re looking for snow-capped mountains, then North and East of India is must visit. Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Sikkim, etc., are some of the popular destinations for snowy mountains. On the other hand, the Southern States of India also boasts some scenic beauty with lush green mountains.


  • Gain insights into the Indian History-


India is rich in India. Beginning from Harappan civilization to the Mughals dynasty, which is why the country contributes maximum UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re a history freak, then this country should be in your bucket list. From north to south, east to west, you could come across some intriguing historical places and you can better explore it with luxury tours India.


  • Have some nature walk-


When you’re on a vacation, it is basically to distract yourself from routine life. This is the best time to experience the nature that provides you fresh air and make you healthy. Places like Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh, Coorg in Karnataka, Munnar Kerala, Pithoragarh in Uttrakhand are some of the amazing places that will make your nature’s walk unforgettable.


  • Enjoy free tourist attractions-


India is blessed with natural beauty and you would feel the same once you land on this country. So besides paid places, you can also explore some brilliant free tourist attractions such as Golden Temple of Amritsar, Bhagusnag Falls in Himachal Pradesh, Ajanta Ellora caves in Maharashtra and a lot more. It provides you scenic backdrop of places.


  • Discover fine arts of India-


India is world-famous for its impeccable arts and creativity. And there’s no denying fact in this as people from different countries across the world explore the fine arts of India as well as stay and learn the same. Be it music, architecture, cultural dance, ancient carvings, and a lot more, you would surely fall in love with the creativity of this country.


  • Experience the enthralling nightlife-


The nightlife of India also has its own taste. And cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore are known for the dashing clubs. Moreover, even villages like Jaisalmer in Rajasthan give an experience of Arabian nights with some cold music and traditional dance in the sand dunes and spending night in tents.


  • Go window shopping-


India is known for its street markets in every city. Everything depends on you when it comes to window shopping. Each destination will have its own specialty and antiques in the street market that you can take away with you as a memory. 


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