Traveling Overseas With Less


If you find yourself habitually over-packing, and over-preparing, for international trips, you might be missing out on feeling the freedom that traveling lightly can bring. Here are some tips for downsizing the next time you go overseas so you get the most out of your vacation.

Keep Your Pockets Light

Bogging yourself down with cash and credit and debit cards can be both physically and mentally burdensome. Toting your purse or wallet around while exploring a new locale is a nuisance, and worrying about safeguarding your funds adds unnecessary stress to what should be a fun and relaxing experience. Fortunately, digital wallets and an international money transfer app make it possible to pare down while still ensuring you have the funds you need.

Make Purchases Electronically

The acceptance of digital payment has exploded around the globe in recent years, so using an electronic wallet to pay for everyday purchases is easier than ever. With a phone app, you can buy everything from your morning pastries at a French boulangerie to a Tube ticket in London, eliminating the need to carry cash as you go about your travels.

Don’t Bring Credit Cards for Emergencies

While your digital wallet can store your credit card numbers for purchases, you may think you should travel with your physical cards in case you need to tap a high credit limit to cover a crisis. However, downloading a money transfer app is a simpler way to prepare yourself for unforeseen eventualities. With an app, you’ll quickly move money from your bank account to virtually anywhere in the world, meaning you can leave your wallet full of credit cards back home.

Pack Just One (Small) Bag

If you’re a “just in case” traveler, bringing along virtually everything in your medicine cabinet or closet, try downsizing your packing. With only one carry-on bag, you’ll gain mobility and hit the ground running, rather than waste time waiting at the airport luggage carousel.

Bring just a few pieces of clothing that you can easily wash and dry in your hotel room. Keep toiletries and medicines to the essentials; if other needs arise, most over-the-counter items are readily available wherever you travel. Check online videos for tips on how to bundle and wrap your items to maximize space. If you worry about not having room to bring back gifts and souvenirs from your trip, remember almost anything can be shipped home.

Stay Flexible

As a final thought, consider not just carrying less but planning less to get the most out of your travels. Rather than programming every minute of your trip before you take off, leave room in your schedule for spontaneous excursions and detours. Sometimes the most rewarding experiences are the unexpected ones, and it would be a shame to miss them simply because they weren’t on your itinerary.

These tips on minimizing will go a long way toward maximizing the way you experience your next trip abroad. You’ll be surprised about how much enjoyment you’ll get out of traveling with less!


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