What to know before buying Queen Comforter Sets

Comforter Sets

A comforter is a fluffy, thick, and decorative blanket used as the top covering on your bed. Additional bed sheets can be used under them. Comforters are usually filled with polyester or cotton blends and they are stitched in special patterns so that the material is well-sewn and the fillings are evenly distributed. Comforters appear to be the final dressing a bedding needs. Waterford Comforters are sold with bedding sets or bed-in-bag sets with other coordinating pieces like bed sheets, or pillow shams made for the same bed size. Since comforters are the final piece, they don’t need to be paired with any bed accessory. 

A bedding accessory that has a close relation to a comforter is a duvet. Many times, a comforter and a duvet are mistaken for each other but there are differences between them.


A duvet is a soft blanket that is usually filled with synthetic fibers or down such as wool. Duvets are less finished compared to comforters. Duvets are meant to be inserted into duvet coverlets or covers. Duvets are sold alone since they have to be inserted into covers. Duvet gives you the freedom of mixing other bedding products with itself and saves you from being stuck with a full bedding set or design which is what a comforter set does. A duvet cover is to a duvet just like a pillow sham is to a pillow. Just like they sound, a duvet cover is a cover for a duvet. When you buy your duvet alone, you can merge it with its cover.

Duvet Coverlet

A duvet coverlet is a top blanket that is usually woven and it is typically used over a duvet on a bed. It is a decorative layer to go over a duvet or comforter but it is not attachable to any of these two. A Duvet coverlet can also be used on sofas and chairs.

Duvet vs Comforter

While both of these bedding accessories are very good and lovely to use, they both have their pros and cons depending on the choice of the user. A duvet is easier to wash while a comforter is harder to wash because of its thickness and its permanently added cover. A duvet is easier to wash because it doesn’t have a cover and it is not as thick as a comforter. Comforters are easier to use because they are readymade products, you can use them immediately after buying them but duvets have to be set inside their covers and may be used with a coverlet for you to enjoy using them. There is even the possibility of the duvet folding inside the duvet cover, this brings you some discomfort. Both of them are nice and fluffy but you can make your decision based on the information above.

How to choose a comforter

Knowing how to choose a comforter is also important if you want to have a good rest on your bed. Some factors determine the quality of a comforter and they are the comforter material, the comforter filling, warmth, cleaning, and care.

  • Comforter Material: The material that the comforter is made of has to be known. There are a lot of fabric choices for making comforters and this is why you must carefully pick. Among these materials, cotton comforters are preferable. Cotton comforters are naturally soft and they have a breathable feel. Cotton comforters need care, they are highly prone to wear and tear and they are more expensive than other materials.
  • Comforter filling: The filling of a comforter determines its weight. A comforter filled with synthetic materials like polyester and acrylic will be light in weight, washable, resilient, and goes well with the two major seasons, summer and winter. A cotton-filled comforter is very breathable and a wool-filled comforter is most suitable for cold periods and regions.
  • Warmth: A few factors determine the warmth of a comforter, the warmth of a comforter is one of the most important qualities to consider in a comforter. The sewing technique, construction method, and filling of a comforter determine its warmth. You have to decide based on the warmth level you desire.
  • Cleaning and care: Comforters are generally not easily washable but the ease of cleaning a comforter still depends on the material the comforter was made from. Microfiber comforters are generally easier to clean.

Knowing your preference after carefully considering these factors helps you to get the best comforter you can have. 

Comforters have different sizes, they are namely crib, twin, double full, queen, king, and California king.

The size of the comforter you will buy depends on your bed size. You can make the comforter a bit bigger than the bed size. Among these different comforter sizes, there is the queen comforter.

Queen Comforter

For a queen comforter, there is a queen size bed. The bed measurements are usually 60 to 80 inches, the standard width is 86 to 88 inches and the standard length is 96 to 100 inches. By visual inspection, you can see that the smallest size of the comforter will properly cover up the bed and leave spaces and this is the best situation, having some excess part of the comforter left that you can wrap your body around or tuck into the bed frame. A queen comforter is close to the largest size of comforter you can have, it will surely provide you comfort.

Queen Comforter Sets 

As mentioned earlier, a comforter can come as a set containing bed sheets and a pillow sham, the same thing goes for queen comforter sets. Queen comforter sets come with bedding accessories that are fit for a queen’s bed size.

As regards queen comforter sets, the type of comforter sets you will get from Latest bedding is second to none. The stock of queen comforters was carefully added over time to ensure that the standard of comforter sets they sell is maintained. We will be highlighting some of these comforters sets in the coming section so you can have a variety of choices from one of the best vendors in the market. 

J Queen New York Comforter Set: This comforter set has specially fabricated and stitched fabrics. These special stitches and embroidery make the comforter set soft and warm to use. J Queen New York comforter sets are well-designed and expertly crafted. There are various designs to choose from in J Queen New’s catalog of comforters. The comforters are luxurious and they meet the standard of the bedroom you are looking to build.

Waterford comforter sets: This comforter set exudes luxury in its designs. The glamorous designs are boldly printed on the comforter. Waterford comforter sets are mostly oversized, this style of design shows that customers are being considered when the comforter is being made, when you cover yourself with your comforter, your body might make the comforter have some lumps, and the oversized comforter already has readymade reaction to this since it is oversized, you will just enjoy your rest.

Croscill Queen Comforter Sets: Croscill Queen Comforter sets use inspired designs as this gives a more natural feel to the comforter sets. The set also comes with pillow shams and a 1-bed skirt. Every content of this comforter set is made to fit in with a queen bed size, especially the bed skirt. The manufacturing process of this comforter set is modern, and this makes the comforter set beautiful and durable.

Ann Gish Queen Comforter sets: Ann Gish creates comforter sets that are very fine and are also carefully sewn to ensure neatness in the Queen comforter set. Ann Gish is very particular about beautiful and colorful designs because of their customers and their enviable standard in the market. Ann Gish’s recent connection with The Met has seen them produce high-class designs and very neat queen comforter sets.

Donna Sharp Queen Comforter sets: Donna Sharp queen comforter sets feature patchwork and they are luxurious. Donna Sharp has a wide range of comforter sets, from simple designs to seemingly complex designs, this is Donna Sharp catering to the needs of every customer. Donna Sharp comforter sets are machine washable. Latest Bedding loves the core values of Donna Sharp since it satisfies customers and this is why they are one of the Latest bedding vendors.

Rose Tree Queen Comforter sets: Rose Tree Queen Comforter sets have very simple designs which create an atmosphere of elegance. Rose Tree Queen Comforter set designs have bright colors which help brighten the mood of a person or a room, in other words, Rose Tree Comforter sets are lively.

Anne de Solene Queen Comforter sets: Anne de Solene Queen Comforter sets are well crafted with a lot of stitches which gives a warmer feel. Anne de Solene produces comforter sets with extremity in design, the comforter sets are sometimes rigorously patterned and sometimes plain. This style of design caters to everyone’s probable taste in comforters. Latest Bedding loves this strategy from Anne de Solene and this is why they are one of our vendors.

Madison Park Queen Comforter sets: Madison Park Queen Comforter sets are manufactured with simple and luxurious designs, they are machine washable and well embroidered and pieced detail on the decorative pillows. Madison Park Comforter sets can be used during both summer and winter. Soft fibers are used in the filling of Madison Park Queen Comforter sets and this makes their comforter warm.

Designers Guild Queen Comforter sets: Designers Guild Queen Comforter sets produce both plain and floral designs. The floral designs have many colors and the plain comforters have their edges embroidered with threading of mostly bright colors. This design aims to create good coherence between colors so that it will properly match your room design. Their designs are stylish and classic enough that they suit you. Latest bedding only goes for luxury and quality and since Designers Guild designs are luxurious, Latest Bedding has chosen them as one of its vendors.

Comforter Sets are very nice bedding accessories. Just like the name comforter, they comfort you while you rest on your bed. Comforters make your resting experience more blissful because of their fluffiness whether you are using the comforter to cover your body or you are lying on it, comforter sets give you comfort. As mentioned above, comforter sets come in different sizes depending on the bed size. There is the king size, full size, queen size, and some others. 

Queen Comforter sets are made concerning Queen sized beds. Queen-size beds are seen as the best size for a bed because they can conveniently contain two persons but nothing matches sleeping on a queen-sized bed with a queen comforter set.

Some things are to be considered when you want to buy a comforter set, we have talked about the size of the bed but there are some other factors to be watchful of and they are;

  • The brightness of the room: The color of the room must be considered because the color of your bedding can brighten or darken your room, no matter how small, the color of the bedding contributes to the hue in your room. Therefore, the ventilation of the room should be considered.
  • The color of the room: You have to choose the color of your comforter concerning the color of your room, you need to see the coherence between the color of your room and the color of your bedding and comforter like arranging colors on a background. If your room is painted white, any color of bedding will fit in.
  • Your budget: Most importantly, your budget determines what you will buy because buying outside your financial plan means debt and even if you have the best comforter set, you might not have a good night’s rest because you will be bothered about your debt. So the best thing is to buy within your budget.

The latest bedding emphasizes class, affordable luxury, and quality. The above-mentioned Queen Comforter sets all have these qualities, they are classy, affordable, and of good quality. The price range of these comforter sets is in the range of $100 to $700, your budget determines what you will buy though. The quality of these comforter sets cannot be overemphasized, they are carefully crafted, neatly sewn, properly designed, and well-packaged. Latest beddings cannot overlook these showings of class and this is why we have chosen these brands as our suppliers. As our customer, you are first in line to get the best in the market, don’t miss out on these beautiful comforter sets. You are royalty and you need comfort so buy a comforter set today.



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