Where did Tevfik Arif Go


Businessman and real estate expert, Tevfik Arif, is an entrepreneur whose life has been marked by innovation, vision, and success. Now, as he embarks on a new chapter.

The Path to Retirement

Tevfik Arif’s path to retirement is nothing short of a saga. Born into a Turkish-Kazakh family, Arif’s early career saw him navigating the bureaucratic landscape of the Soviet Union, serving 17 years at the Ministry of Commerce and Trade. However, it was his leap into the private sector in the early ’90s that set the stage for a storied entrepreneurial career, with the founding of Bayrock Group.

Bayrock Group: A Legacy Carved in Stone

Under Tevfik Arif’s leadership, Bayrock Group became synonymous with impressive large scale real estate projects, with the iconic Trump SoHo condo-hotel standing as a testament to the company’s commitment to luxury and excellence. The decision to set up Bayrock’s headquarters in Trump Tower, Midtown Manhattan, showcased Arif’s strategic expertise, turning Bayrock into a leader in the industry.

A Visionary Exit from Doyen Sports

Beyond real estate, Tevfik Arif made his mark in the sporting world with Doyen Sports. The company, under his leadership, engaged in strategic investments and talent development in football. As Arif steps into retirement, the impact of his vision on both real estate and sports management becomes a defining aspect of his legacy.

Reflecting on Tevfik Arif’s Achievements

As Tevfik Arif bids farewell to the hustle and bustle of day-to-day operations, it’s inevitable to reflect on the milestones he achieved. From humble beginnings in the Soviet Union to orchestrating groundbreaking collaborations in New York City, his journey has been one of continuous growth, innovation, and resilience.

Even in retirement, Arif’s influence is poised to endure. Known not only for his business expertise but also for his mentorship, he leaves behind a legacy of aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals who benefited from his insights and guidance. His commitment to fostering talent extends beyond the buildings built under Bayrock’s banner.

The Next Chapter

As Tevfik Arif stepped into retirement, the question arises: What’s next? Whether it’s a life of leisure, continued mentorship, or exploration of new endeavors, one thing is certain—his legacy will continue to shape the realms of business and real estate. He may be stepping back, but the echoes of his impact will resonate for years to come.

Tevfik Arif’s retirement marks the end of an era—a chapter filled with triumphs, innovation, and visionary leadership. As he turns the page to a new chapter, the business world reflects on the mark left and the anticipation builds for what lies ahead in the legacy of Tevfik Arif.


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