Best Selling Baitcasting Reels under $100

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Fishing is an excellent source of entertainment. And the fun doubles when you are holding the right set of tools. Back in the old days, folks used simple lines with hooks to catch fish. However, every passing day, science and technology are progressing. Similarly, fishing accessories evolved to sophisticated tools. At this point, fishing is much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Baitcasting reels are one of the reasons for a smooth fishing season. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend heavy bucks to buy them. Anyone can get their hands on the best Baitcasting reels under $100. Baitcasting reels are appropriate tools that can easily cast long distances. Besides effectively casting, it can land a lure in a specific location. Moreover, they have the upper hand on spinning reels. Baitcasting reels outweigh spinning wheels in terms of power.

If you want to take full control over the fishing line, nothing can beat bait caster. However, many fear to grow out from spinning reels into more complicated Baitcasting reels. Nonetheless, when one uses a bait caster and catches the large fishes, without a doubt, he/she will make the change. To make the most of it, choosing the right Baitcasting is essential.

5 Best Baitcasting Reels under $100 Review

1. KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Reels – Elite Series

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The Royale Legend Baitcasting Reels in the elite series is a perfect choice for both novice and experienced anglers. It is also suitable for the anglers who cast heavyweight to middleweight lures in both bass and inshore shallow saltwater fishing. This KastKIng product is beginner-friendly. It has a smooth and straightforward drag system and quick adjustment of the brakes. For ace users, they can effectively use all ten different settings. This is the most favorable choice for the tournament anglers, because of its versatile changing settings. It can swap out baits and cast out innumerable times in a single day without losing efficiency.

In the case of operations, the compact wheel moves swiftly and without making much noise. It has a comfortable and sturdy thumb bar. The magnet system operates within the cast instead of making hard kicks at the end of the reel. Even for a bait caster, it casts a longer distance and comes with powerful drag. The same is available in different gear ratios for the user’s preference.


  • KastKing is the first company to come up with a pro-level tournament performance baitcasting reel. It is the first compact product in the market to deliver elite services in a low profile.
  • It features easy and straightforward distinguishable gear ratios. KastKing Elite Series has different colors for 8.1:1, 7.3:1, 6.6:1, and a 5.3:1 gear ratio.
  • The elite baitcasting reel comes with sturdy and proven components. It has implemented features that will provide maximum strength and performance.
  • The Elite Baitcasting is suitable for both left and right-handed people.
  • The Elite series manufacturers implement hardened aluminum main gears, ten couple-shielded along with stainless steel bearings—moreover, a quick anti-reverse technology for providing durability and reliability.
  • It features Carbon drag, which has 17.6 pounds of drag power. Besides power, it comes with five distinct element magnetic breaks. To control backlash, it has ten types of adjustments.
  • The Royal Legend product comes in a compact size with the company’s smallest ever frame casting reel. The ergonomically designed swing-wing flank cover opens smoothly due to an Ergo-twist release. Therefore, staying attached to the fishing rod.


  • Lightweight Graphite Frame
  • Easy and smooth action
  • The small profile and compact size
  • Flexible product’s construction
  • Attached flank cover


  • It is not compatible with light rods and lures


KastKing is providing too many elite features at a little cost. It comes with elite services and consistent performances. It is an appropriate choice for the tournament anglers. It serves their purposes because of its versatility. In a nutshell, it provides high performance at a low cost.

2. Abu Gracia Pro Max Baitcasting Fishing Reel

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Abu Gracia has come up with an excellent product in its Pro Max reel line. It is an easy choice for lightweight and frogging lures. It has perfectly balanced its gear ratio as it is in equilibrium with a quick ratio and not making it unwieldy for lightweight lures. Though it has a fast gear ratio, it provides adequate time and speed to reel – in.

Another exemplar integration is the string drag power, which makes a suitable selection for pike, largemouth, and other related targets. Due to its eight ball bearings, it provides an effective casting and reeling. This product can prevent wearing out the angler’s hand while fishing for longer hours. This excellent and smooth handgrip makes the task easier. Therefore, fishing in a boat can be done for hours without feeling exhausted. To make the angler more relaxed, Abu Gracia installed bent handles and recessed reel foot to provide the additional torque. This feature comes in handy when a fish tries to fight the reel.

This user-friendly reel can attach any kind of lures. It can range from swimbaits to worms, irrespective of the weight, it will cast a long distance. Because of the machined anodized aluminum spool and the functional braking system. However, an experienced angler can make the most out of it. With using knowledge, one has to adjust to prevent backlash. Nevertheless, it will not disappoint you in terms of longevity.

Despite its limited length, it does its job better than many bait caster. The kind of task it gets it done will take at least a 65 lbs test braid to execute it smoothly. Therefore, this is the best deal for using the real for frogging. It has enough strength to hold on in any scenario while casting out frogs. This product has its name for surviving many seasons.


  • Abu Gracia used a single piece of a graphite frame and graphite flank plates.
  • Extremely powerful disk drag system.
  • Manufacturers have used MagTrax effective brake systems.
  • For better longevity, it is coated with machine double anodized aluminum spool.
  • It has implemented seven different stainless steel ball bearings as well as one roller bearing.
  • It features dura gear brass gear.
  • Abu Gracia has used its high patent density EVA handles for a better quotient of comfort.


  • The relatively robust drag system
  • Faster and effective gear ratio
  • It promotes durability and everlasting performances
  • Continuous and consistent brake engagement services
  • Single and constructive piece of a graphite frame


  • Average line capacity


The USP of this product is its comfortable construction. It does not matter how long you are fishing, and the rod almost gets vanished from your hand. The Pro Max is one of the best baitcasting reels under $100, which fits perfectly in one’s hand. With this in mind that it does not tire you out; it means you will have plenty of fishing times!

3. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Baitcasting Reel

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As the name implies, the KastKing’s product works at an extremely high gear ratio as compared with any other brand. This company is well rhymed with maintaining versatility, but it took a notch higher. They implemented specialized features to promote longer casts and faster lures.

Since this baitcasting reel goes at such high speed, it still performs quietly because of the large number of double-shielded 13 stainless steel ball bearings. Although it has such numbers installed in the body, it is light weighted. It is a complete package with a powerful drag and nine braking engagement. The following are the detailed background of the outstanding features.


  • KastKing integrates a high-speed gear ratio at 9.3:1 for quick precision pick up and recovery. The direct consequence of high ratios is blazing speed.
  • The super polymer golf handles gripping style makes it comfortable for the anglers to fish more extended hours.
  • This product has a total of 13 stainless steel ball bearings. This reel performs a quiet and smooth operation. It will be consistent even at high speed. Every bearing is made with double shielded, delivering quick casts and fast retrieves.
  • To improve performance in both saltwater and freshwater fishing, it has the 6.5oz Carbon Body. The feather-light and durable fiber frame decreases weight and adds comfort to the users.
  • KastKing again implemented the machined double anodized CNC aluminum spool. This effective coating makes the baitcasting reel free from corrosion and keeps it intact.
  • Demon Pro Baitcasting Reel comes with a state of the art design as well as triple carbon disc. Both of them are responsible for providing smooth stopping drag. It weighs only 13.2 pounds.
  • It features a high speed split the main shaft by the KastKing manufacturers. These features are involved in executing a quiet and effective operation. Moreover, it also catalyzes the speed and casting length of the reel.
  • Yet another product of KastKing which is suitable for both left and right-handed persons.


  • Operates at least noise
  • It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater environment
  • It is an extremely light reel
  • It comes with a unique and compact size
  • It has a constructive built


  • It will have backlashes if novices use it
  • Could improve on the drag number
  • It has a steep learning curve for the beginners


Nothing can best this baitcasting reel when it comes to weight. Following the trend of the KastKing, it has integrated great features at a low cost. Therefore, it was almost next to impossible to buy a high-speed reel at such a budget-friendly rate.

4. Pflueger President Low Profile Reel – XT version

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This is the best product in the market of a low profile baitcasting reel. It has incredible broad features that allow you to spin, spoon, and even excellent for topwater buzz bait. If you can adjust with the magnetic braking system, you can cast the reel thumbing the spool at all. The USP of this baitcasting reel is its narrow profile and the lightness. Such an exemplar mix bag trait makes it a perfect fit for salmon, bass, and similar targets.

Besides the fast gear ratio, the retrieval rate will amaze any angler. Whether it’s a fighting fish or a drop shot lure, the 31 inches of the line will smoothly pull up. President XT baitcasting reel is well constructed and appropriately aligned. The addition of the aluminum handle helps to escape hand fatigue. Despite missing usual torque power, it can reel in fishes effortlessly and quietly.


  • It comes with nine stainless steel ball bearings with corrosion-resistant attributes.
  • It features a magnetic adjustable braking system. The reel can effectively control backlash and spool rotation.
  • Provides exceptionally soft touch and comfortable touch knob. This kind of grip facilitates longer fishing hours.
  • This is an XT Low Profile.
  • It has an integrated aircraft level, durability aluminum handle.


  • Faster and smoother retriever rate
  • Performs at least noise
  • It is a versatile baitcasting reel
  • Adjustable and user-friendly cork handle tips
  • It is relatively light weighted


  • Conversely, it has less torque in the handle which sometimes prove to be difficult


It is an excellent choice for a beginner due to its smooth operation. This company has shown progress since its inception. It has improved their quality of service with every model of a baitcasting reel. It always has integrated high-end features at a budget-friendly price. Therefore, it is an excellent product to shop for many comfortable fishing seasons.

5. Cadence Baitcasting Reel – CB8

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With our compiled top 5 baitcasting reel products, this model is solely dedicated to newcomers. Due to a dependable braking system, it aids the beginners to learn how to cast. It is significant for the beginner hands not to dampen their confidence while facing backlashes. Cadence manufacturers did not install overwhelming features that might confuse the new users. It has a simple design constituting a drag star, spoon tension knob, and brake dial. On the other hand, with additional drag, users of any experience can fight sizable fishes.

Coming to the parts of the baitcasting reel, the frame is made out of graphite. The primary gears are of brass made, and remaining are made out of high durability aluminum. More or less, the reel can be considered as light weighted. Moreover, the manufacturers have come up with oversized handles to ease the experience of the newcomers. Whether it is wet or dry, you can continue learning how to cast and throw light lures.

Due to its small and compact size, anyone can learn how to perform a clean bait caster with this model. Using this reel, you can learn the easy methods instead of cumbersome untenable ways. However, unlike the models mentioned above, this baitcasting reel performs loudly. Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the single downside and make the proper choice for beginners.


  • At 6.7oz, this Cadence product shows off their lightweight and effective product.
  • The carbon fiber frame made out of the durable aviation quality of aluminum adds to better longevity.
  • Cadence offers 90 days free trial period to check out the synchronization and comfort.
  • It has nine double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings as well as an instant anti-reverse bearing. Besides the ten ball bearing, the SuperLow Torque BB system aids in lowering casting effort.
  • The 20 pounds drag system combines with a precise braking system, which helps prevent backlashes during tricky situations.
  • The high gear ratio at 7.3:1, it enables the users to implement fast retrieves. It is also available in the market in 6.6:1 and 5.6:1 gear ratio.


  • Relatively lesser backlashes
  • Comfortable and secure grip fitting
  • Anyone can easily take apart
  • Comparatively has a powerful drag
  • It has a single-piece frame


  • It performs loudly


Cadence CB8 is designed to serve the purposes for the beginners. It is made in such a way that it will pump their confidence with easy learning techniques. The simply designed bait casting reels helps to grip and fish for longer hours.

Buying Guide to choose an excellent Baitcasting Reel under $100


There are broadly two types of environments – freshwater and saltwater. Since saltwater causes more corrosion in casters, there are separate coats available on the reel. Corrosion makes it hard to clean the caster. Therefore, some models are available with additional protection only for saltwater fishing.

Fish Baits

There are many kinds of lures, and targets are available in the vast water bodies. If you prefer trout, go for the light line. Similarly, for using catfish or Muskie, one needs to opt for the baitcasting reel’s heaviest test. For using bass, generally, one goes for medium to heavy tests. With different styles of the reel, one can have their success.

Reel Attributes

The latest ones on the market are mostly light-weighted bait casting reels. To have a comfortable fishing season, one generally opts for lighter reels. Many companies manufacture the reel with graphite. Due to this material, it reduces the weight of the bait caster, and the anglerfishes comfortably. The list mentioned above of best baitcasting reels under $100 comes in different types of durable and sturdy frames.

As a rule, spool size is always more significant so that it can handle more massive lines and for trolling. With the combination of higher gear ratio and retrieval, rates provide a way to gather in the line. To prevent the fish from escaping from the line, a drag system is integrated.

One of the reasons to make a baitcasting reel run flexibly is to have ball bearings. Within $100, one might get stainless steel bearings instead of the fancy ones. However, they serve the purpose effectively.

In a Nutshell

Every bait casting model mentioned in the article is below $100. However, every tool differs from each other. Some reels cut on the graphite with aluminum. Some cut out numbers in ball bearings and so on. Altogether it affects longevity, retrieval rate, comfort quotient, etc. Therefore, it is imperative to chart out the priorities before shopping.


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