Body Swap: Hollywood Upcoming Comedy Movie, Release Date, Trailer And More!

Each and everything about the comedy movie Body Swap!

body swap trailer 2019

As all of you may know that Hollywood is always have a wonderful year packed with amazing movies. So where the Hollywood industry will focus on thrill and action. They have not forgotten the humor for the fans to entertain them with more fun.

Therefore, now the Hollywood director Timothy Morton will busy in a comic movie “Body Swap”. CJ (played by Ella Jordan) could be a high arrange businessperson engaging at the Versa Corporation on the largest deal in her company’s history.

Casey (Jimmy Kustes) could be a relaxed do-nothing that one mooch off his brother Roy (Gunner Willis). Once Casey goes into some interview at Versa to qualify for state edges. He finally ends up change places along with her. Currently, he should take care of her frienemy Lisa (Kayte Giralt) whereas she must woo and an Italian lady (Erica Manni) Casey’s been dalliance with.

This upcoming film “Body Swap” has many funny shots which will bring more humor for you. However, it includes a long list of stars performing in it. Some of the main cast is as under:

  • Ella Jordan
  • Jimmy Kustes
  • Kayte Giralt
  • Erica Manni
  • Lea Hutton Beasmore
  • Allie Hail, David Je
  • Kate Duncan
  • Gunner Willis
  • Karl Licht
  • Aditi George
  • Jeff Gentner
  • Mahogany Ciaria Rose
  • Rae Hunt, Nye Reynolds
  • Edward Kaihatsu
  • Derek Long
  • Kayla Gibson
  • Tim Northern
  • Ivana Sudduth
  • Levi Peretic
  • Gracie Taylor

However, this comedy movie will be released in somewhere 2019. So the viewers don’t have to wait for too long. As it will release in the current year soon.

Body Swap Trailer

Here I will show you the latest released trailer for the movie. Have a look below:


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