Brazilian Coming-Of-Age Drama ‘Sintonia’ From YouTube Star In August: Trailer!

Brazilian Coming-Of-Age Drama ‘Sintonia’ From YouTube Star In August: Trailer!


Netflix is to launch its Brazilian coming-of-age drama Sintonia from YouTube sensation KondZilla on August 9. The SVOD service has simply undraped the primary trailer for the series (above).

The drama explores the links between music, drug traffic and faith in port. It follows 3 childhood friends Nando (Christian Malheiros), Doni (MC Jottapê) and Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas). And therefore the evangelical church.

Despite them following terribly completely different methods. The 3 childhood friends ultimately notice that to attain their dreams. They have to compel to confidence and support one another throughout this journey. (Cialis)

All are born and raised within the outskirts of the port, in pursuit of their dreams? However nothing is straightforward within the favela, and at any moment everything will modification.

However, Sintonia was created by KondZilla, a music video director and producer who has about to 30M YouTube followers, in partnership with Guilherme Quintella and Felipe metropolis.

Produced by ICM-repped Losbragas, the Brazilian production company behind broadcast Samantha. Sintonia can feature six 40-minute episodes in its 1st season. It had been written by Guilherme Quintella, Duda Almeida and Thays Berbe with Pedro Furtado because of the head-writer.

Moreover, the producers are Rita Moraes, Felipe metropolis, and Alice metropolis. Felipe metropolis conjointly is the inventive executive-producer. Directed by Johnny Araújo and Kondzilla.

It is the newest Brazilian original for the SVOD service following the launch of three, O Mecanismo, Super Drags, Coisa Mais Linda. The Chosen One and future titles like Invisible Cities. Nobody’s wanting, Brotherhood, Omniscient, Spectros, Futebol, Reality Z and Boca a Boca.


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