Different Ways Of Scaling Social Media Using Mobile Devices

Different Ways Of Scaling Social Media

If you are considering using social media for your business marketing purpose, irrespective of its type, you will have to scale it to the right level. This will help in every aspect of your business whether it is for sales, marketing or for any other type of business communications.

Using social media will save a lot of time on your already busy day. This will help you a lot especially if you are a small business. However, how exactly you use social media for your business will depend on your business and the results delivered will be in accordance to that.

It will also depend on:

  • The number of platforms you are using
  • The type of your goals and 
  • The type of your target audiences.

In addition to that, you will also need to know the time it would take as well as the budget you will need for it. also make sure that you consider the engagement efforts.

Looking from the business perspective, whether it is a non-profit or any other organization, everything will come down to how exactly you prioritize and the way you satisfy the needs of your customers.

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Methods to scale social media 

If you want to scale social media, there are a few specific methods that you should follow. The most significant method is to listen, track and analyze different metrics that will help for your:

  • PR
  • Customer service
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Research and development opportunities
  • Client relations
  • Publishing blog and videos
  • Sales prospecting 
  • Two-way sales conversations and listening.

Out of all these, you may notice that everything apart from listening and monitoring conversations involves two-way participation, partially or fully. This means that you will choose to comment on the statuses and posts of other people and it takes some considerable time as well. 

Scaling social media means you will need to build relations with your followers. Sometimes you may have to even buy real Instagram views to gain more loyal followers and increase the level of your engagement.  

Approaches to follow

For each of the different steps, you will need to follow specific approaches to achieve the best results and scale your social media marketing to a new level.

  • Listening and monitoring: This is the core of scaling social media perfectly for your business benefits. You will get even better results if you split the chores out. For example, ascertain PR person for crisis issues, the customer service team to enhance their channel, the marketing team for the opportunities.
  • Customer service: Integrate different social media channels for your customer serviceto scale this tireless experience. This will ensure quick response and attention to issues. This will save a lot of time in maintaining proper client relations.
  • Client relations: This is the part where social media channels will play a significant role. This includes the Facebook groups. Apart from that, this aspect of the task involves managing blog comments as well.
  • Social marketing: This involves finding new customers through the followers of different social media channels such as Twitteror YouTube. This is also one of the easiest ways to scale social media that will provide you with more obvious results of your marketing effort.
  • Sales prospecting: This is something that will help you as the business owner and your sales team to realize the sales benefits of the social media marketing. Modern sales prospecting is much similar to traditional prospecting. It is all about getting a sense of how exactly you can sell your product or services to the people who need it and talking about their needs in social media.

Following all these specific approaches will leave you in a position where you can spread listening and monitoring as deep as possible and enhance customer service both internally and externally.

Making use of mobile devices

The best way to scale social media is to make the best use of mobile devices that have become most sophisticated in the past couple of years. Now the mobile devices are not just the means for communication or talking with another person at the other end of the line. People now use mobile devices, believe it or not, essentially for keeping in touch with their friends and family through different social media channels. 

In this modern age, there is a trend of convergence seen between mobile devices and internet. This is accelerating with each passing day with more and more people using it for staying connected. 

Now you will see mobile devices like:

  • Tablets 
  • Smartphones 
  • Smartbooks and lot of other devices.

All these devices provide a lot of data plans and cell carriers that will address the will need of heterogony of devices as the consumers need to get connected. 

You can use different types of mobile devices and phones to scale social media. One such version is Android. This is the most commonly used version of mobile phones. This has the best reviews due to its reflective screens and an enormous amount of power under the hood. 

Mobile video explosion

With the advent of 4G networks, mobile video has become the most popular and viable option that provides a more pleasant user experience. This will allow the consumer to influence all internet traffic with the video. 

  • Now video has become the most dominant force that has immense potential to drive the attention of the users as well as driving more internet usage. These modern devices help the users to deal with the perfect storm of fast networks. 
  • These smart devices can handle all these and the video is the most significant driver of mobile data usage. 
  • These devices will help in developing a healthy and more important cultural development with the online video content and mobile films that helps the businesses to see a significant rise in the usage as well as in the generation of more smartphone using consumers.

Therefore, to make the best use of the social media platforms and scale them for your business needs, you will need to make the best use of the mobile devices as well as the Internet of Things.


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