Eager to Know What will Happen in Westworld Season 3 then Have a Look Down!

Westworld Season 3

Westworld Season 3 to Scorch the TV Screens with Endless Action!

Westworld is HBO’s highly praised and worth watching Sci-fi Action Drama TV Series. After receiving positive reviews from critics and fans, makers set the series to recommence for Season 3. Now the fans are eager to watch Season 3 which will surely bring new hypes of breathtaking action sequences.

The series follows the storyline based on 1973 movie titled the same. It inaugurates a new world which appears to be highly advanced in technology and science.

What happened in Season One and Season Two.

In previous seasons, viewers witnessed 6 amusement park called Westworld which are the perfect marks of highly advanced techs. The human visitors, guests are allowed to visit the parks as per their desire. The owner and operator of the parks have programmed robotic humanoids called “Hosts” to help the human visitors of the park. The hosts were designed in such a way that they could not harm the guests. However, the hosts gradually learned to work in their defense against the wrongdoers.

Hence, viewers witnessed the rise of “Hosts” against the wrongdoers as they learned to feel and perceive the things, strangely. Consequently, at the end of season 2, viewers witnessed the destruction of parks occurred as a result of a breathtaking battle between the makers of the parks and the hosts.

What will happen next in season 3

Now, the fans are eager to watch another season full of blasting action triggered by enormous highly advanced tech.

As per expectations, in the upcoming season, viewers will get to see the hosts in the real world as well.

Well, hold on to your breaths, and go ahead reading for a spoiler alert.
As per the news, filming for the season 3 has begun. We have brought a bit of blasting surprise for the fans from Switzerland as the cast is being witnessed in Switzerland while shooting for season 3.

So, Season 3 along with the US will also explore Switzerland. Hopefully, Season 3 will bring new sets of Westworld and breathtaking battles will take place in the real world as well.
Moreover, it is highly expected that makers will bring another season of series after season 3. Eventually, the upcoming seasons will feature a new array of sci-fi sequences. Viewers may get to witness the rise and rule of Hosts over humans. So, wait for the upcoming season to know what will happen next.

Westworld Season 3 will hit the screens in spring 2020!


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