Famous Star ” Ram Kapoor’s weight lose journey with 16/8 Diet” Just know What is 16/8 Diet?

ram kapoor weight loss

a famous actor Ram Kapoor is famous for his roles in television shows like Bade ache lagte Hain and Kasam Se.

Ram Kapoor shares his body transformation pictures on his Instagram account. He was 130 kg weight in the student of the year film era. Ram is 45 years old and set a goal to reduce the load this year in September.

He spoke about his fitness in an interview to Mumbai Mirror and said, ‘ When I was started my weight loss journey, I was 130 kg. However, I want to lose more almost 25 -30 kg. And I achieved my goals then will have to take time off from work.”

Here you can look the fresh look of Ram Kapoor from his official Instagram account. He shares his pictures with his fans. Here is the evidence of his hard work to get fit body over the last two years.

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So the Ram Kapoor reveals the secret of his lose weight journey.

The superstar used 16/8 diet. Let’s see what 16/8 diet is.

It is a nonrestrictive diet in which you eat anything in eight hours and the remaining 16 hours, and you have to fast.

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Sixteen hours is a long time not to eat anything, but that’s not difficult. You can eat anything from 9 am to 5 pm, in which can take healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack till 5 pm.

In 16/8, you just skip your dinner, and fast will continue overnight.

Well here is another option which is more comfortable than the first one. You can skip your breakfast and have a healthy lunch and dinner with some snacks.

According to research, the 16/8 diet has excellent benefits, such as accelerating the weight loss process. Fasting in 16/8 diet, you cut your calorie consumption and boost the metabolism that leads to losing weight.

Moreover, it also improves your blood sugar level because according to studies, intermittent fasting reduces the risk of insulin resistance by 31 percent and lowers the blood sugar 3-6 percent and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Well, the question is that 16/8 diet safe or not?

This diet has few side effects but just at the beginning of the menu such as sudden hunger pangs, fatigue, weakness.

Maybe it leads to an unhealthy eating pattern so in 8 hours must take healthy snacks.

However, diet is considered good and safe to lose weight because there is no medication required in it.


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