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fitbit not syncing

Fitbit is one of the biggest brands when it comes to fitness smartwatches. The smart bands are great, and there are a lot of things that make this brand stand out greatly from the crowd. To start this is one of the brands that have some of the quality fitbit not syncing material builds, which are excellent, and that means they last longer.

The battery is also big, which means it can stay for a long time without the charge draining easily. This is arguably one of the best smartwatches that you can get in the market, and there are great gems to it. The sensors of this wearable smartwatch are so perfect, and they record every bit of exercise intended accurately. There are some issues; however, you will discover when you get your Fitbit, and these issues can be fixed.

The major issue is usually the Fitbit not syncing with your phone. We will look at some of the Fitbit problems and issues and how you can fix them on your own. These problems can be hectic, but if you follow the procedures that I am going to layout for your fixing them will be a breeze.


Fitbit not syncing as we have seen is one of the most common and hectic issues that you might encounter with the Fitbit. When you first get your Fitbit syncing should not be very hard, and this is one of the processes that are so easy to do if you have your manual. You need to have set up your profile first and when you do start paring this will, in turn, be very easy to do. However, this can prove fruitful if you have issues with GPS connectivity or even data tracking, which can, in turn, make syncing a headache.

One thing that you need to know is there are two types of syncing options that are provided to you. The first syncing option is the automatic syncing, and the other is the manual option. These two types of options work differently. The automatic syncing option is one that will constantly send information to your phone multiple times throughout the day. In the manual syncing option, this one is where the Fitbit will only send information when you tell it to. So, why is your Fitbit not syncing?

The reason for these issues can be many, and some may be related to Bluetooth. One thing that you will need to do is restart your Fitbit and try troubleshooting it. This can be an excellent method in ensuring that the Bluetooth connection and all the settings that we’re ensuring the Fitbit not syncing are set to default.

The other thing that you can do is ensure that you force close the Fitbit app on your phone and also remove the Fitbit account and then try to add it again. After you have done all that you can now begin setting the syncing up afresh. For automatic syncing, you will need to go to settings and ensure that your Bluetooth is enabled. After that, go to the Fitbit app and then login by entering your email address and password. 

The Fitbit will now sync when you open this app, and now you will have to turn on ‘All-Day Sync’, and this will, in turn, start giving you information of the whole day. In manual syncing, all you have to do is slide the toggle next to ‘All-Day-Sync’. If you happen to follow the above procedure, then the issue with Fitbit not syncing will not be a problem any more.


Apart from Fitbit not syncing there is another Fitbit problem, and that is the Fitbit not charging. This can be a big headache if you find out this after fixing the issues of the Fitbit not syncing and now your battery is not charging. There are a few things that can cause these to happen and one being the fact that the contacts between the charging cable are not clean. There can be a chance too that your charge is not securely connected. All these are in order then I would suggest trying restarting your Fitbit. You can also use another USB charger which can be a great tool in ensuring that this Fitbit will start charging. It’s essential that you learn several ways which you can use to extend the battery life of your Fitbit does not die out often.

The first thing is avoiding tapping on your device. Constantly checking stats on your Fitbit is one way of draining out the battery a lot. It would be best if you also started setting a few alarms as each alarm takes up some battery. Notifications and reminders all need to be turned off, and having them can drain up your power so much. The other thing that will save your battery is avoiding charging it in extreme temperatures. All these are the several precautions that you need to take to be able to protect your battery and not have issues with it. This issue can be a great frustration just like that one of the Fitbit not syncing.


If you have a Fitbit smartwatch, you know how important tracking is. The major reason why so many people buy this Fitbit is that they want to track a lot of activities from the time they spend sleeping, walking and even several exercises. If you have fixed the issue of the Fitbit not syncing correctly, not charging and you seem set then boom you have another issue which is tracking you might be disappointed.

There are a few reasons and explanations as to why you are not having the correct tracking of data. First, it is as a result of arm movement, which can be intense, and this is the moments with which you are sitting still. When sitting in a desk and you happen to move your arm constantly, then there is a high chance that the algorithm of Fitbit might be confused and thus giving out wrong tracking data. You need to fix this issue by telling your Fitbit instances where you will be at the desk by allocating some duration time.

This will, in turn, ensure that you will be recording some of the most accurate data. The tracker tends to record any movement weather is a dominant or a non-dominant wrist, and this can have an overall effect on your data. You need to be very specific on which wrist you are wearing your tracker on as this will greatly help you in getting the correct stats that you need.


There are instances where you will experience some Fitbit problems like updating issues which can be hectic too. This is one problem too that you need to address just like the Fitbit not syncing problem. The first thing that you will need to do is restart tour devices. After doing this, the next thing that you will need to do is open the Fitbit app and then tap on the account icon on your tracker. You will see the device that you have connected with, and then you will be presented with the option of updating the device.

Whenever there is an update to your device, the pink update button will be visible and then click on next to start updating. This update often takes a few minutes to complete and what you need to make sure is that your Fitbit tracker and your phone are very close. After the update is complete, you will be able to receive a notification telling you that the update has been completed. You can click on done, and you will be all set. This is one of the Fitbit issues that most people often have a big problem fixing them, but if happen to follow the instructions above you will be all set.


There are other instances where your Fitbit can stop working completely, and this can be frustrating. What you need to do is turn off the device gently by pressing the buttons until you see the Fitbit logo. You can now let go of the button and then press them to turn the tracker back on. If you still have an issue with it not working, I will highly suggest you go for a repair at Fitbit centre.

The company provides repairs to Fitbit smartwatches if you have had trouble with it within a year since the day you did purchase it. This is one alternative that can help you in getting the Fitbit to start working.


Apart from Fitbit not syncing together with other issues we have highlighted above, we will look at some of the best Fitbit features to use which you might not know.


The first best feature of Fitbit is coach streaming workouts which is one on-site that allow you to stream workout videos. The library is excellent, and this library is always growing, which is brilliant. There are different kinds of workout levels that you can use. The other thing I love about the Fitbit Coach streaming site is the short routines that are synced into a pretty exciting playlist. Your data can be synced into this Fitbit Coach account, and this will give you a personalized work out experience which is excellent. 


The other feature that you didn’t know is that Fitbit works perfectly with the Xbox consoles. This is great as this gives you the option and flexibility of monitoring your data easily on a very big screen which is fantastic. The other thing that I like about this fact is it can trigger Xbox notifications which are excellent when you met your daily goals.

The only drawback to this is the fact that you need a smartphone or a tablet to sync with your Fitbit device. But all in all, this is a great feature to have, and it can be so entertaining using it. The fact that you have a big screen to monitor your data is all I love about this feature.


Have you ever imagined the possibility of being able to compete with a friend on challenges? The app allows you to compete with friends in daily and even weekly challenges which can be so entertaining. The other thing is this kind of challenge encourages one to exercise more to beat their friends. The progress can be tracked on a leaderboard which will show all the scores of each participant. The participants can also comment here during the time of the challenges, which is fun. This is a good feature, but the only drawback is the start and end times of challenges can be so confusing.


Did you know Fitbit has a social network? There is a social network available which you can use to keep in touch with friends, and it’s located in the community tab. This site is like any other you know, Facebook or Twitter, and you can post what you like. Your Fitbit achievements step taken and even comment. This is a great place to be, and the content here can sometimes be so great. The only problem is this feature is hidden and can be so hard to locate it.


In this article, we have looked at some of the Fitbit problems or issues like Fitbit not syncing, not charging and many more. We have also tackled some of the ways which you can use to solve the issues that you may encounter. Apart from that, we have looked at some of the best features of Fitbit you might not know and need to try them out. Hope you find the above methods useful in fixing the Fitbit problems you may encounter.


Can I repair my Fitbit?

Yes. Fitbit offers repair to the smartwatches if they happen to have issues within one year since it was first purchased.

Why are there no notifications from Fitbit?

You might not get notifications from Fitbit if you have an issue with your connection which you need to check out.


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