Gigi Hadid is Happy to become the Newest Face of Michael Kors Wonderlust

gigi hadid michael kors perfume

Gigi Hadid is earning name and fame day-by-day. When she is not walking on run-way, she is busy in doing modeling for top brands. Now she has become the newest face of Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume. Recently she shared picture of her photo-shoot on Instagram account.

The 22-year-old model  shared a strings of photos. She wore orange-pink chiffon off-shoulder frock. Her golden-brown wet hair strings are combed-backed beautifully. She gave the perfect wet look while standing near the beach.

She wore a peach lipstick that compliments her orange dress. No eye-makeup is done but you can see glossy peach highlights on her cheeks. She also applied orange lipstick on her beautiful nails.

She closed her eyes and keeping a very big bottle of perfume on her shoulder. Its look like that the aroma of perfume mesmerized the model in a way that she felt full-time peace and soothiness.

She wrote,

“So happy to be the newest face of @MichaelKors #Wonderlust. Big thanks and love to @inezandvinoodh and everyone at Kors for turning Turks & Caicos into my own personal Fantasy Island, had the sweetest trip with you all”

In other two pictures, you can see the body of Gigi Hadid is floating in the water. Her fans loved those pictures and the way she left her body float freely over the water. It looks like she is enjoying great freedom while thinking nothing about the problems of this world.

Letting your body float freely in the water like this offer great relaxation. She is giving the impression that aroma of Wonderlust will offer magical relaxation which she is reflecting in her Instagram photos.

I’m sure many perfume lovers will think of buying Micahel Kors Wonderlust after seeing those images. What do you think?

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