Google Doodle Games to Spend Fun Time During Lockdown

google doodle games

Presently, a lot of us are having to stay at home, and it often happens that we run out of ideas about what to do. So, Google has taken an awesome initiative to help us shoo away boredom. It is going to introduce a new set of Google doodle games. In this, you will get to see one new game every day for the next about 15 days.

Each game will showcase one doodle from the past, that is now a part of the Google Doodle games archive blog. The blog that we mention here consists of almost all the cracking minigames and games that have ever been published on the Google homepage. So, starting from tomorrow, the 27th of April, 2020, Google will launch its ten best interactive games, one for each day. Each one of these games is a throwback to what Google had once introduced in the past.

Today was the first day of the Google doodle games feature series, and they started with “Coding for carrots”. The game was first introduced back in 2017 to mark the Golden Jubilee of the logo. The same logo was also the very first children’s programming language that was ever introduced.

The game is all about creating simple commands that will help to direct the rabbit. It will further collect carrots to qualify for the next level. Coding for carrots is based on Scratch, which is the programming language that regulates the game. So, you can also start learning about the same along with your child as an additional activity.

Best of Google doodle games

Most of the Google doodle games that will be re-introduced in the following two weeks will require random online players or your friends. As a result, you don’t have to physically travel or interact with anybody. It is a fantastic initiative taken by Google to promote the slogan of “Stay Home. Save Lives.”

Check out some of these fun games from the list below.

Rubik’s Cube

All thanks to Erno Rubik, a professor and a Hungarian inventor who presented this amazing game to the world on 19th May 1974. It was introduced on the Google homepage in 2014 to mark the 40th year of the introduction. You can solve the Rubik’s Cube if you know the shortcut options or keys. They are-

  • F- go front
  • B- go back
  • U- Go up
  • “up and down arrow”- upper arrow turns 90-degree in the clockwise direction. The lower arrow turns 90-degree in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • L- Go left
  • R- Go right
  • D- Go down
  • X- Cube rotation on R
  • Y- Cube rotation on U
  • Z- Cube rotation on F

Now that you know the shortcut, it will be a bit easier for you to solve the Rubik’s puzzle. On the other hand, on the count of just five someone in the world has already solved the puzzle, breaking the 5-second record already. The upcoming Global Rubik’s Cube challenge will be held in June 2020.

In this competition, a group of people will compete against each other and try to set new records. The competition will be organized in Melbourne, which is impossible for us to attend. However, we are lucky enough that we can enjoy this game now at the click of a button, and all thanks to Google doodle games for that.


The Google doodle PACMAN is a rendition of one of the classic games that were ever introduced. The most interesting fact about PAC-MAN is that it was Google’s debut in the field of doodle games. They wanted to show the world what a browser is capable of with the introduction of this game. Most of us are acquainted with PAC-MAN and it is nothing short of a very sweet childhood memory. So, if you want to relive the nostalgia and play PAC-MAN, there is a very easy way out. Click on Google archives, put in one virtual coin, and you are all set to start the game.

The maze that we find in PAC-MAN exactly resembles the logo of Google, and that is another catch here. You can opt for the co-op mode where you will be able to play with both Ms. PAC-MAN and PAC-MAN. You can switch to this mode by inserting the second virtual coin once the game has begun. So, now you are good to go. Let’s see how much time you take to reach Level 255!

Doctor Who

Also known as “Whodle”, the Doctor Who game is an interactive 8-bit game that was introduced after a petition was signed by more 4k fans. It is based on a TARDIS game structure in which you can select from a range of 11 Time Lord’s characters to fight your way towards the last level.

There are poisonous Daleks that you have to wiggle through to collect the letters that form GOOGLE. Once you hit on the play button, you will next land up in the middle of the maze, and hence try to cross the obstacles. The game was previously introduced on the Google homepage to mark the Golden Jubilee of the game.


The first-ever cross-word was presented to the world back in 1913, and Google paid a tribute to it by introducing it on their homepage in 2013 to mark the Centenary. Besides, it was a way of thanking the creator of the Crossword puzzle, Arthur Wynne. You will be able to play the game again on the browser now as a part of the Google doodle games series.

The game has made the black and white newspapers a bit more interesting over the years. while playing this game, you will find that one side there is a dashboard that consists of clues. You can select one from there and solve each part of the puzzle.

Halloween 2018

Google’s debut interactive multiplayer initiative, Google doodle Halloween, is one of the best to spend a couple of lazy hours. In this, you will be a part of a four-member ghost team and will be competing against another team. The goal is to collect all the flames of wandering spirits before the moon disappears. If you are the ghost that gets to collect the maximum number of flames, you will get rewards such as night vision and speed boosts.

Final thoughts

There are over 4000 Google doodle games out of which we have mentioned five of the most popular ones. You can check out the rest from Google archives and have fun while staying at home.


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