HIV News: Eshowe is beating the HIV/ AIDS

HIV News

Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal is an area where every fourth person infected with HIV. GroudUp reported, ” they have reached UNAIDS goals that known as 90-90-90. Almost 90 % population know their HIV status, and the same figure is getting antiretroviral treatment.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is running an HIV project named Bending the Curves in partnership with the Department of Health in Eshowe. It has covered ten clinics and two hospitals.

In 2018, A survey conducted on 3000 people and recently result had been analyzed. It confirmed that 90 % of HIV infected people know their status, and 95 had suppressed viral load.

If you compare with South Africa, then Africa is estimated to be at 85-71-86. HIV/Tb advisor, Gilles van Cutsem said, ” the primary purpose of the project is linked to people with care, so the percentage ho tested HIV positive increased in 2013 70 % and 2018 94 %.

Moreover, Van said, it is the most significant achievement. Our workers conducted testing door to door and linked medical facilities that assisted people on treatment.

He further added, still problems are present, the number of new infections cases is still high in which adolescent girls and young women included. They aged 15-29 years decreased from 2.9 % to 1.2 % per year. There is a need to increase young men population to get onto treatment.

Cutsem also said, ” there is a need to target young working men and must develop strategies for workplaces and schools. According to him, the testing outside the clinic for men would ensure confidentiality and more convenient.

The one big problem for us that we don’t know how to target young girls who are not at school, we think they are on high risk. However, we hope soon we will achieve our target in this area.


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