How Can You Overcome Stress with the Help of a Life Coach

Life Coach to Overcome Stress

City life is very hectic, especially in a metropolitan like London. With over 9,304,000 (as of 2020) people moving about and trying to survive in one place, it can be very stressful for anyone to navigate their daily life there. In this post, you will learn about a life coach to overcome stress.

If the rush hour ride in the tube or the jam-packed traffic on the streets isn’t enough, the pollution, noise, weather, and the pressure to keep up with the sky-high costs of living (around 3000 pounds a month for a four-member family excluding rent) will certainly add to the feeling of being overwhelmed and dejected.  

Eventually, the cumulative stress of work, How to Use Heavy Resistance Bands family, and all other factors will become too much to bear, leaving you unable to do anything and not finding a way out of it. Hiring a life coach in London is a great option in such moments. Being a resident of the city means they will understand fellow Londoner’s problems well and provide appropriate solutions.

Beating the London Blues

According to the Office of National Statistics’ figures, London has the highest levels of general stress and anxiety compared to other parts of the country, with 41.3% of London’s adults reporting higher anxiety than the national average of 38.5%. 

Life in London is not a walk in the park, which is why a life coach in London is useful to have by your side. They will help identify the types, causes, and remedies for living a stress-free life in the city.

Understanding Your Stress

To solve a problem means first knowing what it truly is. The same applies to stress. Stress shows itself in many forms and affects different people differently. Some tend to function well under high-stress conditions while others avoid even the slightest bits of it. And the reactions to it also vary vastly. However, some of the common ones seen across the board are:

  • Dizziness
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Irritability
  • Improper Sleep Habits
  • Lack Of/Excess Appetite
  • General Lethargy
  • Racing Thoughts
  • Tensed Muscles
  • High BP
  • Anxiety
  • The Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Your coach will work closely with you to understand you better and which of the above you’re experiencing. You can then together proceed with a thorough knowledge of your present situation.

Figuring Out the Cause

Your life coach will delve deep into what triggers your stress reaction, subject to the amount of personal information you divulge to them. Different reasons cause people to stress out. For some, it could be an unresolved childhood trauma that remained dormant and is now being triggered by something. 

Some will be stressed due to the general goings-on of the world. Others could be struggling with just the day to day things like managing the family and going about their daily chores. 

Other more common reasons for stress are sudden tragedies like the death of a near and dear one leaving a lasting impact, prolonged medical condition, genetic mental conditions that make one very prone to stress, prospects in terms of relationship or career, etc. 

Speak clearly with your life coach about what is bothering you to have the best chance of remedying it.

Working On the Best Solution

There are numerous ways to deal with stress, and they apply to different situations and symptoms. The most common ones include regular exercise, forgoing any habitual substance use or abuse like tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, maintaining a healthy routine and sleep habit, eating a proper diet, getting to socialise more, pursuing hobbies that calm you down, meditation and/or some spiritual pursuit, getting a pet, travelling, etc. 

What works for you might be on the list or might have to be tailored specifically in a way that works for you. For example, if you have social anxiety, then socialising might make the problem work. That is why a life coach’s help is to be sought as they will have the experience and insight to find the best solution to your stress problem. If need be, they might even suggest consulting a certified therapist.

Keeping the Calm On

It might take many sessions with life coach to overcome stress well. The duration is best mutually decided by you and your coach based on your input on the fly. It is also essential that you follow your coach’s advice on remaining stress-free once the sessions stop. Your coach will leave you with tips and resources that will help you maintain your newly invigorated self and continue to keep stress factors at bay. 

A life coach in London is your ticket to riding the train towards a destination of life that is free of stress so that you can become part of the vibrancy of the city.


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