Jennifer Lopez Shared Emme hugging Alex Video on Instagram

jennifer lopez and emme

Jennifer Lopez never missed a chance to share the best moments of her life on Instagram account. JLo wants to keep her followers updated about recent happenings in her life. Therefore, she posted a video of Emme hugging Alex on Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in love, and they are taking a step forward in their relationship. Their love is not limited to themselves; they also share with the kids they have from their old bonds. They are engaged, and it is possible that they got married sometime at the end of this year. We got this hint from the Insta account of our beloved stars.

I already shared the best moment of 49-years-old American Actress and singer when she sang a duet with her 11-year-old daughter Emme. We thought that Emme song was the great moment of this tour, but real magic began afterward, when they both went backstage. Rodriguez was waiting for them there.

When they arrived, Rodriguez sweetly hugged Emme, JLo captured these moments in a video and shared it with a caption “My Whole Heart.”

If you didn’t check the video, you should watch it on Instagram because it is indeed a heart-melting video where you see the true love in the play. Alex is not the father of Emme, but the way he hugs her, no one can say she is not his daughter.

Watch the video and share your comments.



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