John Cena is Thankful to Vin Diesel for his Endorsement of Fast and Furious 9 Role

john cena the rock

We have got a confirmation by Fast and Furious Franchise that John Cena is an official part of upcoming Fast and Furious 9. Now John Cena is saying thanks to Vin Diesel for helping him secure a role in the most anticipated movie of 2020.

“I’m super excited.I have to say thank you to Vin Diesel for kind of orchestrating all this. He put a message on his Instagram a little while ago … We were able to meet, and it was amazing, and I totally understand how big this opportunity is, and all I can do is do my best.”

Two months ago, the 51-years-old star gave us a hint of John Cena involvement in the most popular movie franchise; he posted a cryptic video message which you can check here

“Guys, as you know, I’m always thinking fast and thinking about the responsibility of making something iconic and deserving of your loyalty.I know this sounds crazy, but every blue moon, I feel like Pablo up there sends me someone — another soldier in the fight for the truth. Today, someone came by Toretto Gym that speaks to what Pablo would have brought.”

Diesel then showed off Cena, who wore a blue suit and had a perfect smile on his face  “All love, always,” Diesel added.

On June 7, we got confirmation from Universal Pictures that John Cena has become a part of Fast & Furious 9.

John Cena confirmed that he had read the story but he is tightlipped about his role at the moment.

However, he was openly saying how thankful he is of Vin Deisel who made his role in the upcoming movie a reality.

“It’s a truly tremendously successful franchise, followed the world over and appreciated by so many people around the world,” he noted to Us. “So to get his endorsement, it didn’t make it official, but it certainly got everybody talking about it, and I’m forever indebted to him for that.”

Fast and Furious 9 is Directed by Justin Lin and it will hit the cinema in 2020.  In the ninth installment of series, Vin Diesel , Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster will return and reprise their respective roles. At this moment, we don’t know whether Dwayne Johnson is coming back for Fast & Furious 9. When it was asked about his involvement in the upcoming movie , he said in July 2018 that it is “kind of up in the air.”

We don’t know anything about John Cena role in Fast &Furious 9, but he will get a powerful role for sure. Are you happy to hear about his involvement ? Don’t miss this chance; tell us what do you think.




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