Justin Bieber Wore Cleveland Indians Jersey but He is not “Shane Bieber”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a famous singer who has a friendly face and nature. Recently, he unexpectedly bonded with Shane Bieber. And wore his gifted Jersey and went for riding around Beverly Hills on a stunning motorcycle.
TMZ record a video of this fun ride of Bieber with his friends who drive the motorcycle with speed even during high traffic time of Los Angeles streets. But their ride wasn’t something we need to get attentive to; it was Bieber’s baseball Jersey having a clear-cut phrase on the back “Not Shane Bieber.”
Why is he saying he is not Shane Bieber- pitcher for the Cleveland Indians? We already know that they are two different celebrities. Then why he is doing all this? Well, we wonder the same and got a clear answer, which is a kind of weird but exciting.

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Thanks @shane_bieber for the jersey.

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For your information, Shane Bieber is a new friend of Justin Bieber. Their matching surname became a reason of their bonding. Really interesting. Justin shared a thank you message for Shane on an Instagram because Shane gave him the jersey for this ride.
Both guys find a common friendly ground to play after a misprint happen on Shane’s baseball card, where printer wrote “Justin” instead of “Shane”. It looks like he got confused too. This misprint got the attention of Bieber, and this is how they become friends.
One thing I need to clear at this point is that if Justin is wearing a jersey of Cleveland Indians, it doesn’t mean he is supporting this baseball team. He is a celebrity who can support any or all baseball teams depending on his preference.
We are happy about the new friendship relationship of Shane and Justin, who shared the same surname.


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