Katy Perry Invites her new BFF Taylor Swift for Wedding and Collaboration plans

katy perry

After watching Taylor Swift’s video “You need to Calm Down”, we realized that bad blood between two superstars have finally put behind. This reconciliation is not meant only for professional lives, but also both singers have a plan to unite at personal front.

Report suggests that Katy Perry recently invited Taylor Swift along with her boy friend on her wedding. There is just one condition set from the side of Perry i.e. Swift can’t wear white.  This is not a big deal for Swift as she can put on some other colors.

In 2014 , 29-year-old Swift accused of 34-year-old singer Perry for stealing her dancers after Perry started dating with Swift’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer. However, this fued has finally ended and there is no reason to look back as both are with other men. Even now they laugh at their bad blood and realize that how immature they were back then.

This collaboration of Katy and Taylor is going to be quite fruitful for the fans. They are very much alike and both know very well how lucrative this reunion could be for them.  Neither of them have anyone who can relate to them.

Now they are going to help people with their newfound friendship instead of making some headlines.  We will have to see how Taylor helps Katy in her wedding plans and how fruitful their friendship turns out to be.

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