keto Diet Plan: Hebe Mills Nutritionist reveals the warning about keto diet

keto Diet Plan

Over the past years, the keto diet has become one of the popular diets for weight loss. It is high fat and low carb diet that helps to lose weight quickly.

The expert nutritionist, Hebe Mills tells about it.


The keto diet can confuse those people who are new to dieting because they think how a high-fat diet can reduce weight. Now you can eat what you want, such as ice cream, pastries, butter, cheese, etc.

However, something should keep in mind when dieters start keto.

Hebe Mills is an associate nutritionist who is running her online program to inspire healthy eating. Even, she also diagnosed with gluten intolerance and IBS, and then she started to evaluate how food affects her body.

Moreover, Hebe shares recipes and wellness tips on her Instagram account and website.

Well, she warns about the popular keto diet due to the high-fat content in the plan. She said, “Be careful about the high energy content in recommended foods in the diet.”

Fats give more calories than carbs so it could be monitoring energy intake if you want to use it for weight loss,  Try Pruvit KETO OS.

Moreover, Hebe advised that to include different foods from the allowed list such as nuts, eggs, fish, avocados, cheese, natural fats, butter, olive oil, meat aubergines. Through the different varieties, you get a variety of nutrients.

As you know, the ketogenic diet eliminates carbs and force the body to rely on fat as a source of fuel.

Well, in the market, many keto supplements are available that help to decrease the weight more fastly.

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