PUBG Banned in one more Country and A New Version Released

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Everyone’s knows famous game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it’s again in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

It banned in almost four countries such as India, China, Nepal, and Iraq. Now it might be banned in another country. Authorities say it’s a brainwashing youth game; therefore, it must be banned.

However, a new game released by Chinese authorities that is similar to PUBG. Maybe it published due to crack down issues of PUBG. So, Have a closer look at what really going to happen with PUBG.

Cracked Down Issues of PUBG

Tencent which is technology company gathered 70 million players in the country and tried to meet all rigid rules regarding online games which set by the Chinese government. However, the game was cracked down.

The company did many huge changes in PUBG game and reduced the violent content. Developed do this with the permission of authorities. However, still, it features war based material, and the Chinese government regulated it. So after a long time, it cracked down in China.

The Chinese government said the purpose of crackdown is supposed to ” control the number of new online games” and explore an age-appropriate reminder system with social conditions.”

New Version of PUBG

Well, the new version of the game was introduced by the name “Game for Peace.” Blue Sky Warriors are the honor of the game which was also part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

Game for peace is similar to PUBG like background, graphic design, gameplay, and characters are all the same.

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