PUBG PC Lite: Requirements of Lite Version that taking franchise on storm

pubg pc lite

PC Version is the popular game and most concerned version of PUBG. Fans really want to play PC version; however, there are many obstacles on the way. The requirements of the pc version are so high and require a good internet connection to run the game smoothly.

PUBG launched a lite version of mobile and PC  on low-end devices. So let’s discuss some feature of PC lite version of the game.

PC Lite has good graphics as compared to the emulator version. It is a pc version of mobile and has qualities of both emulator and pc version. So everyone wants to play PUBG PC lite over emulator version.

The gameplay of Pc lite is based on the pc version. It is a significant advantage to run the game smoothly on mobile graphics as well as mechanics of pc version.

The best thing of the lite version is that it requires the low hardware that tends to run emulators.  However, the PUBG PC runs on heavy hardware.

The PC version and emulators are poorly optimized in which many bugs and glitches. The emulator does not use GPU of rendering. However, the lite version has no such problem. Therefore the beta phase seemed good.

PUBG PC also affects sales. The original PUBG PC is available for free. Meanwhile, PUBG PC is available for $14, so it will be downsizing the sales of the franchise.


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