Stranger Things Season 3: “Mind Flayer” All Details that You Need to Know

Stranger Things Season 3

One of famous season stranger things seasons 3 is on the way.  The mind flayer is famous as the Shadow Monster in the Stranger things season 3. He is the antagonist of the season that has supernatural power to take over the city.

The main focus of the show is what exactly it is and his intentions. Let’s take closure look of it. The Hawkins is still unknown, and we don’t know how he existed. Will’s sketch confirms his structure as a giant spider.

He can control his army telepathically and ordered to kill and destroy humans. Demogorgon and tendrils are the soldiers of the military. He can control the mind of the enemies and manipulate it. His weakness is heat-sensitive.

The main focus in the third season is the beast appearance. There would be many chances when Flayer used his mind. The trailer of the season cleared that there is something that forces the infection and makes human a beast.

Jonathan could be a human, and Steve injected himself. Well, Mind Flayer will show his real nature and causes damage to the extent. The final trailer of the season will get total possession on Willy.


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