Twitter Users Say Justin Bieber Lied to Protect His Manager Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber

Last day, we came to know about the reason why Justin took side of Braun. Today, we got another detail regarding Braun-Taylor Feud.  Justin Claimed that he took the screenshot of his FaceTime Call with Braun and Kanye West. But a Twitter User noticed that Justin didn’t captured the screenshot , his claim is wrong and simply he lied just to protect Braun.

It looks like the Justin forgot how the FaceTime really worked. He said that he himself took a screenshot of their Facetime Call. He also said that Braun stopped him while he was making fun. However, his version of story is completely untrue and it has been challenged by an eagle-eye user.

Justin Bieber lied just to protect the reputation of his manager

Taylor said that she was being bullied and manipulative by Braun. While Justin said that Braun has nothing to do with it. “I have to be honest though it was my caption and post that I screenshotted of Scooter and Kanye.” he said.

One Twitter user @Princess_Arella noticed that his statement has a big issue. In case Bieber took the screenshot then he would have appeared in the top-left corner. However, his face was on the screen. It means that either Kanye or Braun took this screenshot and send to Bieber for posting.

It is also possible that Braun took that screenshot and posted on Bieber’s instagram account. This practice is very common as celebrities’ managers have full access to their client’s social media accounts.

When it was asked from Scooter Braun and Bieber’s Representatives to comment, no one responded.

Taylor’s Fans on Twitter say that Justin is just coming up with the cover-up story just to protect reputation of his manager.



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