US accuses Russian hackers to try and steal Coronavirus vaccine research


Recent interviews with the National Security Agency along with its counterparts such as Canada and Britain are accusing Russian hackers. According to the press conferences that took place on July 16, the officials of the above-mentioned nations are saying that Russian hackers are constantly trying to break into labs. Well, These are places where scientists are trying to develop potential vaccines for coronavirus.

According to the intelligence officers of the Western Countries, these hackers belong to a Russian group that goes by the name of Cozy Bear. Plus, the pseudo name of the gang is APT29. The group is being tracked down because there are clear proofs of attempts of hacking against them. Before this, they have also tried to hack emails of democratic parties during the Presidential elections of the US back in 2016.

According to the statement of the cybersecurity director of NSA Anne Neuberger, APT29 has a considerable history of executing crimes. Besides, most of their targets have always been governmental, a think-tank, diplomatic, energy, and health organizations. Therefore, the intelligence official of the highest ranks are having to interfere in this matter. Therefore, experts are encouraging people to understand that this is a danger.

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Denial of accusations by Russia

According to a spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, one thing they are sure of is that Russia is not involved in any of these activities. He says that the Russian government has nothing to do with such accusations or attempts. It was in an interview with a local news agency Tass that the spokesperson expressed his opinion on the matter.

On the other hand, Western Intelligence agencies believe that there is a miscommunication of information. According to them, the intelligence officers are yet to name any specific organization or target any. Besides, they are assuring the media that there is still no proof or news of any hackers who have been successful in obtaining any information. Ultimately, no one has an idea of what such people will want to do even if they can gather any information.

Safety measures by western countries

The US, along with other Western countries are trying to make sure that every safety and security protocol is being followed. They are constantly warning all the major health care organizations. They must protect all confidential data related to a potential coronavirus vaccine safe. According to the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, Bill Evanina, the government officials are relentlessly trying to implore all the hospitals, research centers, and pharmaceutical companies that are doing great work.

All of these organizations are working day and night to fight the situation. They are trying to find out an effective vaccine to control the novel coronavirus across the world. The announcement of July 12 by the USA, Britain, Canada, and more is quite important. It is not just the warning about Russian hackers, but the government officials have again warned everyone against China.

Western experts and bureaucrats say that China has a long history of misconduct. They have been trying to steal the intellectual property of Western countries for a decade now. Evanina says that it is their strong assumption about China. They will try to express full power to obtain any considerable research that is happening in the US. He adds that they have always tried to do this. Besides, experts feel that the Chinese government will again try to act in the same way.


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