10 Gigi Hadid Life Fact About Which You have Little or No idea

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Gigi Hadid has millions of fans on her social media account. She keeps posting latest updates about her recent events, style, outfit, and other lifestyle details. Even when you are following this hot model every day, there are some chances that you don’t know specific Gigi Hadid facts about which you have zero information. So, if you follow this model and want to know her better, then don’t miss these amazing facts about her life.

  1. She doesn’t like to do Squats

Squats help a person to maintain her lower body shape. Gigi doesn’t like them, though she has an attractive body. She thinks that it is quite painful to do many of them during a workout session.

  1. She Celebrates her Birthday in a Special Way

Self-love is well-demonstrated by this model since she always throws a particular party on her special day – birthday. In 2018, every fan admired her Gold theme birthday party. This year, she invited top stars from Hollywood fashion industry and threw a denim-on-denim party in Hollywood.

  1. She Often Takes Break from Social Media

Gigi regularly updates her social media account, but sometimes she likes to be more human and try to keep her life away from the limelight. The main reason for a break is her mental and personal well-being

“I’m taking a month off, actually, during New Years,” she said last year. “I’m not deleting my account. I’m just taking the apps off my phone. It’s empowering, not just for people in the spotlight, for everyone. I’m choosing what I’m showing you. A lot of the world feels so entitled to other peoples’ lives, which is so crazy. I’m going to take a break when I feel like it, and when I come back and share it with you if you want to be supportive and still follow me, that’s great. But, if you’re going to be upset that I need to be human for a month than maybe I don’t want you to follow anyway.”

  1. She was a model when she was 2-years old

This might seem very interesting, but it is a real-life fact of Gigi. She started modeling even when she doesn’t know what the meaning of modeling is. She was 2-year old when she portrayed as a child-model for Guess Clothing brand.

  1. She has a Weird Stress-Coping mechanism

Gigi Hadid is a top fashion model of the current generation. She has to handle many tasks at the same time. Stress is unavoidable in this scenario. But do you know how she handles her stress? The coping mechanism is streaming. She said, “Literally, screaming into a pillow helps. One time I was on set for a beach shoot, and my mom said ‘scream into the ocean. It relieves the tension’.”

  1. Gigi always has a significant influence on her Boyfriends

Gigi dated top singers, and she still exhibits some influence on her boyfriend.  Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid made a great couple last year but they broke up. However, when they were together, she appeared in his “pillow talk” music video.  She directed band DNC’s ‘Cake By The Ocean’ clip while he was dating Joe Jonas.

  1. She has Most Popular Besties in the world

She is a fashion model who always have envy friends. But she is quite different, she has the best friend who is a fashion model and actresses. Some of her besties name Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Ashley Graham, and Blake Lively. She is friendly and makes friends wherever she goes.

  1. Gigi is not actually her name

Gigi Hadid real name is Jelena Noura Hadid, but she is famous all over the world as Gigi Hadid. Her family called her mother “Gigi” when she was growing up in the Netherlands. It seems that she grabs this name from her mother. What do you say?

  1. She worked for World Famous Brand Name

This 24-year old model has been working for top brand names. Recently, she did modeling for Burberry Monogram campaign. She appeared on Vogue and other fashion Magazine cover pages. Some other brand names are Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Vogue Eyewear, Fendi Moschino, Marc Jacobs, and Versace.

  1. Whatever she wears, become a trend

She is a fashion model with millions of following all around the globe. Gigi Hadid has photographed at Coachella in California for many years, every year whatever she wears for the brand become a summer trend later. It is interesting info about which you have no idea.

So, I have shared details of 10 Gigi Hadid Life facts about which you have zero information. Do you know about some other Gigi Hadid Facts? Feel free to comment.


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