123Movies New Website And Is It Safe To Use?

123movies new site name

What is 123movies new site name? It is an online streaming platform. This platform is availale for people all arobund the world. They can access it from anywhere. They can use it on any web browser they like. Watching movies online was all about websites like these before the advent of streaming apps began.

123Movies is a free website. There are many speculations regarding its content. If you don’t know about it, then you’re in the right place. This review will discuss what it is, 123movies new site name, and if it’s safe to use.

About 123movies new site name


It is the best free movie sites on the internet. It is a fantastic online streaming platform. Without this beautiful platform, it will be hard for you to make a free movie site list. 


123movies is a top-rated platform, which gets hosted from Vietnam. It had to go through some troubles to serve worldwide. But still, it’s streaming movies, and people are enjoying watching movies on the 123movies new site name websites. 


Let’s discuss some of its features.

Well, 123 movies site is an excellent video streaming site. You can watch the live stream for free. If you need it, you can download it as well. You can look for a particular movie, and choose a preferable genre, at the same time in it.


This site will provide you one of the most comfortable search bars there are out there. It would be beneficial to you when you search for a particular film you want to see in the search bar. After putting on a search for the movie, you will also see the movie’s IMDB rating, genre, release year, and other things. These features are top-rated and useful to every movie-lover out there.


The streaming site’s front page will give you some stuff like most famous films, top-rated movies on IMDB, and other things. These features help people get to know the interface quickly and get some ideas about trending movies.


123movies new site name streaming site will help you to find out the exact movie you want to watch. You can get the download link very quickly. After going through the download link, download it, and enjoy watching the film. That’s how this movie’s streaming site works.


The official site is still not working, but the cloned area is offering the same contents as the official one. You even don’t have to subscribe to the site to watch the films. Instead, you can watch H.D. videos and enjoy them too.


What does 123movies new site name offer?


It offers a wide assortment of movie collections. 123movies new site name mostly works according to the servers and showcases that are available in your region. You will find many popular T.V. shows, movies, and content while using it. Many of the contents are available in High Definition (H.D.). You may also find subtitles, while some even offer changes in the language. It also depends on the content and available sources.


You can also check several seasons or episodes. If it’s available, you can also search for titles. Moreover, each section has countless server links available. If one fails to work, you can always try the other one. However, the quality of the content may also vary when you jump from one server to another.

123movies new site name user interface

It is a very straightforward streaming site. You can use it on par with many streaming sites and apps. You also get a search option, category option, and similar features like apps and other streaming sites. It makes it really simple and easy to find the movies or T.V. series you want to watch. The video player may vary. But it remains user-friendly. It also stays simplistic for the user to use it. Each server offers different control ranges. Some may also provide CC. Some may have multiple qualities, and so on. It is also a highly unpredictable website.


It is a platform that connects you to various content libraries free across the internet. So, it is a third-party platform. That’s why the most annoying aspect of this streaming website is the advertisements that we see while using it. We can see them everywhere. They can massively hinder your peaceful experience on the website. There are times when It can get more annoying. If you are a person who lacks patience, then watching movies on this website is not a suitable choice for you to make.

Is 123movies free to use?

You can use the service of 123Movies for free. It doesn’t charge anything for providing its service. Have a stable internet connection and easily enjoy its services. However, this site uses a lot of cookies and third-party advertisements. You will experience a lot of popups and advertisement banners across the website when you use it. Even if you pause or resume the previous stream, a new popup window might open up. These popups are undoubtedly annoying and hinder your movie-watching experience. But if you don’t want to spend countless money on video and movie streaming and their subscription services, then choosing it is an excellent option for you.

Legalities of 123movies new site name


The video streaming website doesn’t have any rights to stream any movie or shows that it contains. As we mentioned before, it is a third-party platform. It works in the grey area of the internet. 


It allows users to share and upload T.V. shows, movies, and other videos to put it in simple words. The owner of this website doesn’t directly upload any videos or performances. So, that’s why they can’t get charged with copyright actions. However, the website is always at the risk of getting itself shut down anytime by the authorities for including illegal streaming practices.


So, if you’re using a movie streaming site like 123Movies, Fmovies, etc., you will be held responsible for your actions. Whether it’s ethical or not, it will depend entirely on you. If you get caught while using it, you might get charged with action later on. So, in short, you will call upon a risk on yourself if you use 123movies or any other websites that are similar to it.

Is the use of 123movies safe, or is it a risk?


This video streaming website doesn’t own or take responsibility for any third-party advertisement. It doesn’t hold or have rights on any of the videos that you see on the platform. Whether you visit the website or not, it will be part of your discretion. 


There is also a possibility of issues like viruses, malware, and other security threats. You may also experience data breaches and hacking. This situation also varies in each server. There are too many cookies on the website. Also, using the website consistently might slow down your P.C.


Overall, what we can say is that it is an unpredictable and hazardous website. You will never know what you might encounter on this platform while using it. So, it’s extended use makes it more threatening for your device. Even if you use a capable popup blocker or adblocker, new windows can still open up without showing any warning.


Since it is a free website, it is bound to fill up with hidden cookies, advertisements, and other disturbing things. These problems can accumulate to be a threat to your device. Also, be aware that the use of 123movies may be illegal in your home country.


The shutdown of 123Movies site


In March 2017, reports from TorrentFreak stated that Ted Osius, the U.S. ambassador of Vietnam, had been in several talks with the local Minister of Information and Communications, Truong Minh Tuan. The subject of the discussion was about shutting down of illegal video streaming sites operating from Vietnam. At that time, they listed 123movies as one specific site.


In October 2017, the MPAA listed 123Movies in its Online Notorious Markets overview.

They presented the summary to the office of the United States Trade Representative. The overview stated that the site technically got hosted from Ukraine. The site takes lots of steps, including using Cloudflare, to hide the operator’s identity. But there is a piece of strong evidence to believe the operator is still in Vietnam. The contents get uploaded by using cyberlockers from numerous email accounts. These accounts originated from “Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy.”


In March 2018, the MPAA confessed that it was the most popular illegal site in the world. They also stated that the site operated from Vietnam. They estimated that the site received 98 million viewers per month. On 19 March 2018, an announcement note on the site’s home page announced its shutdown. The announcement also urged the users to respect the filmmakers by paying for movies and TV-shows.

Developments before and after the shutdown


After getting itself shut down from various domains, the site went through several changes in the name. Sometimes the name appeared as “123Movies”, and other times as “123movies”. 


The original URL and name of the site were

“123movies.to”. 123Movies included Blu-ray, H.D., HD-RIP, and camera qualities of films. The video hosters and players it used had Streamango, MyCloud, Openload, etc. 


It changed to other domains, including “123movies.is” before redirecting to “gomovies. to” and later “gomovie. is”. After that, it changed to “memovies. to”, before switching to “123movieshub.to/is” and remained there until shutdown. During its existence and shutdown period, the site was covered by TorrentFreak regarding its uptime, downtime, features, and reasons for the shutdown.


In October 2016, the MPAA listed 123Movies in its Online Notorious Markets overview to the office of USTR (United States Trade Representative). The summary stated that the site has a global rank of 559 and a local rank of 386 in the U.S. In August 2016, according to SimilarWeb data, the website (123movies.to) had 9.26 million visitors worldwide. Also, in October 2016, Business Insider reported that “123movies.to” was the most-used pirate website in the United Kingdom (U.K.).


Then in December 2017, the creators of this site launched another streaming site. This site dedicates itself to anime streaming, and it’s name was “AnimeHub.to”. It remained online for months after “123Movies’s” shutdown.




In October 2018, the MPAA’s update announcement on Online Notorious Markets stated that the closure of 123movies, 123movieshub, gostream, gomovies, 123movies, and 123movieshub was “a significant development that they took for combatting illegal film piracy services. 


However, the MPAA also reported that different copycat sites emerged in no less than eight other countries. In November 2018, TorrentFreak reported that the FBI had also shut down websites similar to “123Movies” such as “WatchAsap.” But still, they were redirecting them to other file sharing sites.


123movies New Site, Latest URL, and Domain


Because of being a third party platform, it keeps changing its URL and domain constantly. The current URL or of the “123movies” new website is 123movies.deredtube.com. You can access the site immediately by clicking on the address. The new layout of the video streaming website is impressive. It’s cool design and ease of access to its user’s interface has amazed it’s users a lot.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is 123movies?


Answer: It is a video streaming website, where you can watch online movies, tv shows for free of cost, in H.D. quality.


  • Can I watch movies for free by using this website?


Answer: Yes, you can both watch and download movies for free by using this website. However, over the years, it changed its URLs and domains many times.


  • Is 123movies illegal?


Answer: Streaming movies and T.V. shows online is not illegal. But 123movies is a third- party platform. It doesn’t own or have the right to upload any of the contents that we see on its platform. Since it uses copyrighted content, that’s why they shut down the original 123Movies site in 2018. But at present, its other iterations, which are similar to it, are being hosted by others. Also, the site name keeps changing. It doesn’t own or takes responsibility for any third-party advertisement.


  • Is 123movies safe to use?


Answer: Watching movies online using the 123movies site is not always safe. It would be helpful to use a VPN whenever you’re streaming a movie online on 123Movies. It will help you mask your I.P. address and keep you safe from getting involved in malicious activities.


We hope you could find out everything there is to know about 123movies, 123movies new site, and other things through this article.


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