3 Popular Atlanta AirBNB Tent & Tree House Rentals Worth Traveling To

Atlanta Peace Tent

Today, when you think of Atlanta, there’s a lot that may flash through the mind.   Though it is part of America’s still developing deep South, it is home to the #1 airport for travel in the world.  Globally, the city is a powerhouse of the pop culture scene. Atlanta dominates Hip Hop, which is the most popular genre of music in the world.  

Also, many blockbuster movies that were once exclusive to Hollywood, are now becoming exclusive to Atlanta. With all this hustle and bustle, Atlanta’s not the same as it was just a decade ago.  A few creative, travel-minded entrepreneurs want to bring back some of the good vibes the ‘A-Town’ once had by giving people a rural environment, while inside the city.

Here’s a list of the Top 3 Atlanta Airbnb Rentals from a Tiny Peace Tent, to a tree house, then rolling into a Bubble Home.

Atlanta Peace Tent with Mini Pond in front

Peace Up, A-Town Down | Try A Tent: Atlanta tiny house under the trees ( view on AirBnBnb )

Here’s a creative camping experience that’s caught on fast with travelers.  Within 1 week of launching it’s being booked daily. It’s also become Georgia’s #1 Airbnb Tent rental.   Don’t be fooled however, he is not as simple as just being a tent and some sleeping bags.

Called the “ONTP” Tiny House,  this revolves around open nature, trees, & peace.  It is a $40 (limited time, opening rate) zen-style travel rental, created by internet influencer Rodrick Rainey.   The project was constructed in conjunction with ‘wood artist’ Andrew Chapman, owner of the property. The campsite is based in the backyard of a Buford, Georgia home that sits in front of a protected archaeological site, “Fort Daniel.”   If not familiar, this is just 4 minutes down the street from the famous “Hamilton Mills” section of Atlanta’s metro and 1 exit away from Chateau Elan.

Quartz Crystals are around the tent, which is said to help pull positive thoughts into reality.  A fresh fruit basket and alkaline water are provided daily. Inside the tent are a 3 foot high Air mattress with luxury sateen sheets and a plush comforter.  Carpet is on the floor of the tent. A folding table and chair are inside the vestibule for those needing to work on there escape. A good book is ready for reading.     And last, it’s close enough to the home on the property to still get high-speed Wifi. All of this is in front of protected wildlife space where deer, hummingbirds, and opossums may be spotted from bed view.    Frogs may even be heard bellowing in the mini-pond below, yet the mall of Georgia is less than an 8-minute drive away.

Atlanta TreeHouse

Hanging With The Birds| Secluded Intown Treehouse ( view on Airbnb )

This is the #1 AirBNB rental in the world. It is the most ‘wished’ destination of 2019 and to rent it, you will likely have to book nearly 1 year in advance.   The Atlanta Tree House has over 339 reviews and has crept to the price of $375 per night after such rampid demand. GirlOnTheGo travel blog calls it magical, spiritual, and peaceful.

Almost unbelievable, this ‘birds view’ home is located just minutes from the sprawling downtown of the pop culture capital.    It has been featured on the Today show, Architectural Digest, Travel + Leisure, Harper’s Bazaar, and countless other major media outlets.    This home itself may become a symbol of a generation that frequents or lives in the home of the Falcons, Braves, and Hawks.

The AirBNB profile touts this rental for nature lovers has quite a few detailed ‘touches’ that are exclusive and unique to this 1 location. The sitting room has windows of pressed butterfly wings that’s 8 decades old.   The bedroom sleeps 2, with top of the line bedding by brand “Parachute.” The double bed is on wheels, allowing for it to be kept inside or rolled out onto a platform that sits slightly outside. If sleeping on the extended balcony, the stream below can be viewed from the bed.  The treehouse is so big it takes 7 trees to support its overall layout. Definitely, include this stop in your traveling and wish upon the stars while resting in the wind.

Atlanta Bubble Tent

Transparent Lifestyle | Atlanta Bubble Tent ( visit official website )

If you are not afraid to live under the stars and trees, being seen by everyone and everything passing, this is your 3rd experience to try.     This is a rental you can see-through all the ‘thrills’ of decorations and design, literally. The best feature is simply, you are sleeping without any walls around you, blocking your views of nature.

Originally, this started as one tent but it became so popular, a company decided to partner with its a creator to create an entire travelers resort in the A-Town.  Rental rates were $375 per night before, but are expected to lower with the expansion into a full resort. The expected layout of these rounded homes is expected to be the main room with a bathroom.

Outside of the sphere, photos of ATLBubble.com showcase a patio with chairs. Visitors can transport the portable high power telescope for viewing the stars and galaxies of outer space. Use it outside or inside.

This is a travel rental that’s hard to book.  It is not on AirBNB currently but expected to return soon, so simply search for it by name.   Otherwise, visit the company’s official Instagram or website.  Reach out to the Bubble team via direct message and ask for the dates you prefer.  There’s a new set of tents being opened, so availabilities should be added very soon.

Tips For Booking

Each of these rental options are a great experience to have.    For the person who has never been camping, each has a different touch.  The ‘peace Tent’ is something that can be done over and over, each time you need to find peace and be to yourself.  Until the rates go up, enjoy the current ‘steal’ of a price its ate.

The Tree House and Bubble Tents are for more elaborate occasions.   Spending $350+ per night for a travel rental is not something the average person can do at a whim.   Look to these operator’s official social media accounts for special rates and offers that may be offered. The Atlanta Bubble resort is always posting offers to get a free night on their social media.

And last, in case you have an incident while doing all of your travels, look at the lists that give travel insurance comparisons.    Find a company that you pay $15 a month to, that will cover anything lost or stolen while at one of these Atlanta locations and everywhere else.

Who knows, maybe you will visit all the sites in this Top 6 travel ideas from rap videos.   It is a cool bucket list.   This is especially important for those who travel with expensive electronics.


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