“4 August “Album coming soon by DJ Iljano

dj iljano

Over the past few years, Dj Iljano has received an increasing amount of attention for his music, with songs such as Away in Berlin, In Further Blackness and One More Time gaining a significant amount of airplay. The Albanian-native made his debut when he and several friends founded the music label Baba Records. Since then, he’s gone on to receive attention in much of the national press there, as well as beyond. Dj Iljano first started as a music producer but began creating his own songs after a few years. One of the more prominent tracks that he had a hand in producing was Pa Ty with The Neighbours, as well as a few others.

However, Dj Iljano stepped in front of the microphone, so to speak, with a variety of collaborations from 2010 onwards. One of the most significant of these was Nights of Love with Mc Robinho. Also of note that year was a collaboration with Tony Ray called More and More, which received a significant amount of success after being released. Now, the Deep House and Electro musician has announced his upcoming album Lohan, which is set to feature ten songs from the musician, although it’s unclear as to how many of these will be collaborations. Furthermore, while Lohan is set to be released soon, it’s also unclear as to when the album will be released.

Having said that, however, it looks as though Lohan is highly anticipated, as it’s one of DJ Iljano’s first albums in several years. That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been busy, though, as he’s become known for songs such as Paradise, Disque, Marcas De Ayer, Away In Berlin, One More Time, In Further Blackness, Breath and Hola over the past decade. He’s also had a hand in a variety of other songs, both in a production capacity, as well as a credited songwriter and performer.

At the same time, DJ Iljano is a very active artist in Albania and Balkan too. He plays music every weekend in different clubs in all Albania and like a professional DJ.

Last week at an interview DJ Iljano confirm that is working on new songs for summer 2019. He confirmed some new songs like Margjelo 2019, Summer Jam, etc. DJ iljano is working for the second album too called 4 August. He confirmed 2 new albums on the way. Lohan is the first album that will be released in May and in August Iljano confirm the second album called 4 August. The genre of 4 August album is Deep House with Commercial Music.

We wish a lot of success to DJ Iljano and hope to hear as soon as possible from his music.


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