4 Reasons Why Stargirl Will Be Your New Favorite TV Show


The DC Universe superhero tv show, Stargirl, has everyone talking. With high production value and a fresh take on the genre, this show has quickly become a favorite with both comic book readers and casual fans alike.

Star Girl, from executive producer Geoff Johns, follows Courtney Whitmore after she moves from the big city to small-town Blue Valley in Nebraska. She finds outs her stepfather was once the sidekick of superhero Starman. After discovering Starman’s cosmic staff, she’s transformed into a new superhero, Stargirl, and embarks on a mission to create a new team of superheroes.

The premise alone is enough reason to check out this new entry into the superhero genre, but here are four other reasons why Stargirl will be your next favorite show:

High-Quality Production Value

Though airing on the CW, Stargirl is produced by DC universe, and the budget reflects that. The show has the sharp cinematography of a movie with punchy colors and well-choreographed fight scenes. The show includes both practical effects and special effects that take production value to the next level.

Warm and Charming Characters in Stargirl

For any new show, the development of the characters is the most important factor in its success or failure. It’s no surprise that Star Girl was renewed for a second season given that the show delivers with warm and charismatic characters. Brecc Bassinger’s Courtney and Luke Wilson’s Pat stand out with exceptional performances and are the heart of the show. Courtney is a positive and light-hearted teenage girl who faces relatable teenage introspection. Her strong sense of right and wrong is endearing, not off-putting, as she seeks to do some good.

Extensive Comic Book History of Stargirl

Stargirl has a rich comic book story that provides plenty of material for the show creators to draw on. For hardcore comic book fans, be prepared for many deep cuts that pay tribute to DC history and Stargirl’s origins on the page.

Stargirl is a lesser-known hero in DC Comics, and DC fans will appreciate the opportunity the show provides to explore many aspects of the DC universe that have yet to be portrayed on screen. Instead of featuring the same reused stories, Stargirl is a fresh adaption for television viewers.

A Better Kind of Teenage Drama

Stargirl is a show directed towards a teenage audience featuring teenage characters. As such, you may expect to see many of the same old teenage drama tropes that have been recycled many times over in other tv shows. Stargirl, however, turns these tropes on their heads. The show features intriguing drama but subverts your expectations. Characters that seem to fall into neat categories break out of those confining roles to surprise the viewer. The high school storylines reject stereotypes for a better teenage show.

With a character that’s new to many viewers and a visual style that’s a departure from many other superhero shows, Stargirl is a fresh addition to the DC television universe. Compelling characters and exciting storylines make this a relatable family show that delivers big on the fun and action.


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