5 Bad Habits You Should Avoid Doing In The Workplace


Do you realize that while you are working in the office, there are some unhealthy habits that you often do without you realizing it? Yes, this is very common to happen among the employees. When we are at the office, sometimes you just try so hard to focus on completing your task. In doing so, you often do not realize when you start doing the unhealthy habit. We call it unhealthy, mainly because if you do this habit continuously and for a long time -then it will eventually affect your physical and even mental health. Here are some of the unhealthy habits that you often do in the office without realizing it!

Sitting for too long

The office-bound job often requires the staff to sit all day in front of the computer. This is not good to do in the long run. Sitting for a too long course can affect your metabolism, thus making your body unable to regulate your blood pressure. It can also make our bones and muscles weaker because we leave it without doing anything for too long every day. 

This habit is also very unhealthy because in every hour you sit, the enzyme product that is responsible for burning fat will be reduced by up to 90%. That’s why someone who sits for too long is more likely to have a lot of fat build-up somewhere in their stomach. 

Though you may not feel the effect immediately, it does harm your body in the long term. Sitting for too long can cause various diseases ranging from back pain, obesity, and diabetes, to heart disease.

Being Afraid to say “No”

As an employee, you might feel hesitant to deny the request that your employer or manager asks you. As a result, you agree to almost everything, and you run haggard because of this. Stop doing this. Though you are employed by them, it does not mean you don’t have the power to say no. When you know that you currently have lots of work on your plate, it is okay for you to ask them to distribute the work to others who are less full than you. Or if you think the work that is assigned to you is not on the list of your job obligations. 

For example, amid your super busy schedule – your employer assigns you to clean the office under the pretense of helping each other. You can definitely refuse it because it doesn’t fall under your responsibilities. You shall clean after yourself, but you do not have to help clean the whole office. If this happens to you, advise your employer to hire a trusted cleaner service from Singapore Office Cleaning Services.

Touching your face with dirty hands

This unhealthy habit is not only often done when you are in the office. Sometimes without realizing we touch our faces with our dirty fingers. 

When we feel tired because of work, we unconsciously rub our face (mostly eyes) with our hands. This one habit is not very good because your hands will directly come into contact with facial skin, thus the bacteria that you get from the office area will spread to your face. The surface of your office, from your computer to your table, even the door knob is not necessarily clean from all kinds of bacteria.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we know very well that avoiding touching the face area with our dirty fingers is important. It will protect us from getting dangerous viruses. On top of that touching, your face with dirty fingers will also increase the risk of acne and other skin problems due to bacteria on the hands.

Having lunch alone

Have you ever felt lazy to leave your work desk, thus choosing to have lunch alone there?

Well if so, you should avoid doing this in the future. It turned out to be one of the unhealthy habits in the office that could affect your physical and mental health.

When it’s lunchtime you should use the opportunity to leave your desk and move your body. Remember the first point, sitting too long is very dangerous for our health. During your break, you should use this time to move around.

You should also try to bond with your coworkers by having lunch together. Lunchtime can be a good time to have casual chats and throw jokes with your coworkers. This will help you to avoid feeling lonely and bored. Moreover bonding with a coworker could also help to make your daily work smoother 

Bringing your smartphone to the toilet

Bringing a smartphone while you’ve done your business in the toilet can indeed be a way to refresh your mind. Unfortunately, this is very not recommended! The bathroom is a nest of bacteria that can move easily to your smartphone -the one thing that you will continue to hold all day. Can you imagine what kind of bacteria and germs that are transferred to your hands, and onto your body afterward? Too grime to think about!

Therefore, you should avoid bringing your smartphone to the bathroom at any cost. If you have to, immediately clean the smartphone with disinfectant tissue afterward.

Here are unhealthy habits that we often do at the office, and should be avoided. If we keep doing this, it can affect our physical or mental condition. So do not forget to avoid these things at any cost!


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