5 Interesting Reasons to Study History

Reasons Study History

 History is a fascinating subject. It gives you substantial knowledge of cultures and a deep understanding of global events along with their role in shaping the world we live in. However, there is more to history than gaining knowledge. You also learn a range of skills, such as critical thinking and making better decisions. Through our article, we will walk you through the many reasons you should study history. Here’s why you should consider taking a lesson:

  • You Learn Critical Thinking: The ability to think critically is one of the fundamental skills that are difficult to develop. It helps you assess situations and weigh all your options when making a decision. While studying historical events, you can think about all sides of the argument. Suppose you read Martin Luther King’s speech. Now you want to identify the reason behind his choice of words and specific terms and how his speech acted as a catalyst for future events. Certainly, to answer these questions, you need to think critically about each aspect since you are not just accepting information but also studying it thoroughly. 

It is pertinent to mention that critical thinking skill is transferable and helps you pick out lucrative careers such as law. It also allows you to make the technical and right decision for yourself and, of course, for your clients. You may be quicker on your feet and pick up on information fast. It helps with comprehending different situations more accurately. 

  • It Helps You Pursue a Suitable Career: Studying history may provide you with various job opportunities. You may find a place in many top-notch government positions such as Immigration or the department of foreign affairs. You can even join and work with different NGOs and contribute to society fruitfully. Other lucrative careers include teaching, project management, journalism, etc. If you aspire to pursue any of the professions mentioned above, in that case, it is best to enroll in a bachelor of arts in history online or an on-site program. 

Getting your degree from a well-structured program is your first stepping stone in a world of endless possibilities. After all, who doesn’t wish to have a promising and fulfilling career? So why not try your luck with a subject which is teaching you in more than one way. 

  • History Is Not Boring: There is a huge misconception that history is mundane and boring. Another misconception is that most students are not willing to study it as their major subject. However, these statements are not true. Many prominent universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Brown have departments centering history. It is steadily becoming a popular subject among many university students. Students choose an elective in history even while studying other professions such as nursing and commerce. You may even find widespread examples of history majors, one of which includes Goldman Sachs. Besides, Lloyd Blankfein’s CEO has a degree in History from Harvard. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel demotivated to take up history. 
  • It Can Help You to Be A Better Citizen: Becoming a good citizen is essential for any functioning society. Studying history helps you be a good citizen and explains the importance of ethical citizenship. The subject may guide you in developing a firm understanding of your roots, language, and cultural diversities. It would also help you exhibit ethically sound behavior in various social settings, your job, especially while engaging with your colleagues or manager. A good citizen is a well-versed and informed individual who is fundamental for keeping society in harmony and progress. 
  • History Helps You Understand the World: When you pick up a textbook to read history, you learn to make connections. You understand how the world reached its current status. You can understand how different cultures got their identities and how they emerged over time. It also provides you an understanding of your roots, which is also essential while searching for your own identity. Knowing your identity is further necessary to honor your ancestors’ struggles and share their stories. You understand why we need to support each other as a society and how differences add diversity to the world, which is vital in bringing change. 

Wrap Up

History is an innovative subject. It equips you with the knowledge and skills such as critical thinking, leadership, and global politics, which might help you perform better in your personal and professional lives. Studying history might help you polish your critical thinking skills and become better at making sound judgments. You can even find yourself looking at different career prospects.

It is rapidly becoming a popular subject among many students. You may even find some prominent business tycoons try their hand at history during their academic tenure. Studying history helps you understand the impact of historical events on our lives and the attributes that make a progressive society. It makes you learn and understand the importance of diversity while taking pride in your own.


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