5 Online Activities During Quarantine

Activities During Quarantine

The quarantine is a time of boredom for many, and it is a challenge to keep oneself entertained while stuck at home all day every day. With almost all cities under extended lockdown, most of the businesses and establishments are shut. As a result, you are forced to sit inside your home and bide your time. But staying at home does not mean that you have to get bored all by yourself. After all, you have the power of the internet with you. There are various online activities that are available for you to enjoy during the quarantine., with one of the most famous ones being engaging in online gaming. 

Online gaming: Your partner during the quarantine

E-sports are becoming exceedingly popular as people choose to treat this quarantine as a break from work and want to entertain themselves.offers a sea of opportunities to keep oneself engaged and entertained by placing addictive bets on e-Sports, which are rising in popularity due to the pandemic, without compromising their safety and social distancing. This platform is a way for people to experience the thrill and anticipation of betting from the comfort of their home, and it gives this rush of excitement all for free at the Free Vegas Slots.

Best online activities during the lockdown

As discussed above, online games are one of the best options to kill your time during the quarantine. The most popular option out of them being slot games. Five of the amazing online activities offered on the Free Vegas Slots site are listed below for your quarantine entertainment.

  1. Ghost Pirates: For any horror fan, this video slot is the most suitable game. The stunning graphics on this game are created by the NetEnt software. It offers free spins and a multiplier, and two hundred and forty-three pathways to a win. It has a high rating of four out of five with five reels. Ghost pirates is an escape into a fantasy world of the unexplored seas filled with the secrecy and valor of ghost pirates. 
  2. Temple Cats: This free slot machine has five reels and ten pay lines. It derives its theme from the revered cats of Ancient Egypt, taking you to a land of mystique and aristocratic splendor. Anyone with a fascination for the famed beauties of Ancient Egypt and cat-lovers is sure to enjoy this game. With an excellent chance of winning great prizes, there could be no reason to hold yourself back.
  3. Zodiac Wheel: For those who believe in astrology and those simply mesmerized by the sheer idea of seeing the future can subscribe to playing this popular game on Free Vegas Slots. It is a vibrant 5-wheel, 5-pay lines slot machine created by EGT Interactive software, offering a three thousand dollar jackpot. Such a great chance to win excellent prizes and kill your time productively, why not engage yourself in this amazing game?
  4. Hitman Slot Machine: The Hitman Slot Machine at Vegas Free Slots is one of the most immersing five-reel slot machine, with realistic graphics and present-day imagery. It gives gamers a chance to win up to two lakh seventy thousand units in gaming currency. It boasts of fifteen pay lines and a four thousand dollar jackpot. It is a video slot machine created by Microgaming software.
  5. Gonzo’s Quest: Gonzo’s quest is a slot that features five reels and twenty pay lines. It immerses the plays into an exploration of the Peruvian ruins during the times of the great explorer Gonzalo Pizzaro. It is one of those slots with a captivating storyline and strong characters that keep you waiting to see how the story unfolds. 

Free Vegas Slots is an entertaining platform to develop your skills in betting in slots and gain confidence before you try the real deal. It offers many more free games to help you get through the quarantine with a fresh burst of energy. Free Vegas Slots combines the safety of social distancing with the adrenaline induced thrill and excitement of the actual betting areas to bring you free betting platforms. So, why hold yourself back? Get online now and indulge in your favorite games for an incredible experience.


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