5 Optimization Hacks for a Faster Mobile Streaming

Optimization Hacks

5 Optimization Hacks for a Faster Mobile Streaming

If ‘slow and steady’ could win the race, we would be quite far behind from where we are now. You see, technological revolutions don’t come at snail speed. They spring up swiftly and take the world by storm. One such groundbreaking innovation is that of the internet, which has taken the time-consuming bumps out of our lives and made it conveniently smooth. Where once people had to bang their TV sets to get the hourly broadcast going, now all they need to do is head online and stream their favorite shows on instant web portals without the hassle of a cable.

The key enabler in this incredible streaming ease is the smartphone. It is a sleek handheld device with a touch interface, which channels the video content in 1080p quality and gives unbelievable freedom to move around while catching the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Smartphones enable us to watch TV over a stable network and with lightning-fast speed, as offered in Cox internet plans, packages and prices. The factor of speed is crucial here. Why? Because, if the smartphone faces internet latency, takes excess time to load, crashes the web pages out of the blue and freezes the screen, then our streams would come at a standstill and put a pause our excitement. 

Have you been facing this issue lately? Then, go through the following optimization hacks for your video streaming experience on your mobile.

Remove the Extra Baggage

One of the major reasons why your mobile internet has been buffering and lagging in speed is because there is some sort of an extra load on the device which puts a heavy toll on its streaming capabilities performance. This load can be in the form of pointless apps, which have no further use for you, yet are still sitting on your mobile’s menu and taking up its power. Uninstall those, while keeping only the most important applications intact, like Netflix. Other than that, do check and see if your smartphone has any extra home screens filled to the brim with wasteful widgets. If there are any, remove those instantly. In such a way, de-clutter and thoroughly cleanse your phone from outdated apps. See how fast it catches speed and runs your streams then. 

Tone Down Background Passivity

There are certain smartphone applications that behave like ninjas. How? They give the impression that they’ve ceased to function while in reality, they continue working in the shadows, taking up your mobile’s stamina, storage, and battery. This passive usage significantly slows down your smartphone’s functionality and renders it impossible to direct its focus on video streaming. How can you apprehend these sneaky background applications? By force closing them, every time you start watching HULU on your phone. This trick works like magic. Trust me. 

Get a Streaming-Friendly Browser

A browser is like a launching pad, which connects your phone to the world of the internet and allows you to access your favorite shows online. If it is old and outdated, then it won’t be able to establish a network connection as efficiently as it should. This means, that while you’re in the middle of watching The Handmaid’s Tale, then it might close your window suddenly, or give birth to buffering. So, what are you to do? Delete the ancient version and get your hands on a new and modified variety. Downloading the latest browser, like Microsoft Edge that supports HD resolution, is sure to make your streaming experience flawless. 

Take the Help of Speed Boosters

Suppose, you’re in the middle of a streaming marathon and the loading bar comes up, while your other online friends move on to the next episode. You’re in a pickle now. What to do? Take the help from speed boosters, that’s what. Yes, these apps, like the Clean Master, 360° Booster & Cleaner or even Samsung Device Care are super easy to install, take up a minute space on your phone, help you internally clean the system and power up the RAM. Simply run the booster assistance, reload and see how fast your streaming goes. 

Last Resort: Restart

You’ve tried all the best ways and still, your mobile internet fails to load The Irishman on Netflix. Then, why not go for the oldest trick in the book, which the techno-geeks swear by? Yes, I’m talking about simply restarting your phone. By giving your device the rest that it deserves from a long-time activity will allow it to refuel its energy and get back to its former fast state. Try it and see for yourself. 

So, by implementing the aforementioned tips or optimization hacks and making these clever adjustments, you can optimize your smartphone internet for a seamless streaming experience.


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